Trailblazing home-sharing insurance

Home-Sharing Insurance. We got it Covered. GUARDHOG have specifically designed proper super-short stay “Airbnb” insurance to cover hosts when they have paying guests to stay.

What is it?

Host Cover, is a usage-based, booking-by-booking policy that covers the risks of having paying guests to stay.

It’s a primary policy, so it’s not dependent on you having existing home insurance in place, and if you do, you don’t need to make a claim on your existing insurance first.

What does it Cover?

  • Malicious damage by the guest
  • Accidental damage by the guest
  • Theft by the guest and theft by unforced entry
  • Public liability (in case your guest has an accident and suffers an injury)
  • Home-share liability (in case they damage a neighbouring/3rd party property i.e. communal and shared areas)
  • Loss of rent
  • Host Assist (for settling home-share legal disputes)
  • Identity theft
  • Infestation (bed bugs)
  • Excessive use of utilities
  • Replacement keys and locks

Sounds perfect, but doesn’t Airbnb provide a guarantee?

Airbnb are very clear (if you read their guarantee Ts&Cs) that it is not an insurance policy, and they strongly encourage you to put your own cover in place. Oh, and it’s very clear that the whole risk remains with the host.

OK, I didn’t realise that. Helpful. What about my existing insurance?

Your existing insurer is likely to suspend or restrict cover when you have guest to stay, and even if they say it’s OK, this doesn’t mean you have the extra cover needed for the new risks… worth reading the small print. With GUARDHOG there’s no need to replace your existing insurance and if your insurer doesn’t want you home-sharing even with Host Cover in place, we offer Home Cover too!

Do I need to tell them?

Yes. It is important that your underlying home insurer is aware of all relevant material facts relating to you, your home and how you use it. We don’t expect your insurer to cover your home-sharing activity but they do need to be aware of it and for you to understand any impact on your policy.

Convincing. What next?

Tell us you want the cover, and we’ll set you up by link directly to your host calendar, meaning you will be covered automatically.

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It has been a real pleasure dealing…

It has been a real pleasure dealing with Chelsea, one of the team at Guardhog, who set up our policy for home swap insurance. She is an asset to the company, and I hope she is appreciated. As with any insurance the real test is when you make a claim, my dealings with Guardhog to date do give me some confidence that would be a positive and fair discussion.