Futurestay is the smartest way to connect your vacation rental business to guests, listing channels, payments and your own brand.

One System, Complete Automation

Set your property and business rules within Futurestay and watch them execute everywhere.


Import existing properties from anywhere online. Save time by controlling everything within one dashboard.

Smart Connections™

Succeed on Airbnb, HomeAway, Booking.com and more via connections that understand and execute your rules, payments and communications.


Create or empower your website at your own domain name with online booking, up-to-date calendars and more, to build strong guest relationships.


Automate deposits, balance, cancellations and even failed credit cards, across all channels, including auditing and settling channel commission.

Are you doing manual work after an “instant” booking?

Channel Managers give you ALL the responsibility. Property Management Systems and Channel Managers help you list online. But once a traveler clicks “Book Now” all the manual tasks of emails, refunds and balance payments are in your hands.

Go Beyond the Channel Manager with Futurestay. Smart Connections™ seamlessly automate every task before and after the “Book Now” button is clicked. Emails, balance payments, even chasing down failed credit cards are all taken care of.

It’s not a “to-do” list if it’s already done

Every second you spend on a manual task is wasted time and money. Futurestay completes tasks using your rules to:

  • Audit channel commissions
  • Power your website
  • Automate communications and bookings
  • And more!

This gives your team free time to do what matters: deliver 5-star hospitality.

Evolve from Property Manager to Hospitality Manager

Futurestay helps you deliver 5-star hospitality instead of chasing manual tasks.

Futurestay’s automation enhances hospitality.

With increased competition and more powerful advertising marketplaces, it’s never been more difficult and critical to build loyal guests.

Futurestay initiates personalized guest interactions from first contact, establishing a direct relationship with each one.

  • Relationship Builder: Get access to your guest’s direct contact information before a stay, even when booking through 3rd party channels
  • Gentle Guest Reminders: Automated guest interactions to make sure guests never miss a balance payment or check in with a failed credit card
  • Post-Stay Interactions: Like automatic “Thank You for Your Stay,” “Join Us in the Future” and “Leave a Review” emails to guests

Futurestay can connect or replace your existing technology, pull your property listings from anywhere, and it’s FREE!

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Futurestay: fraudulent piece of parasite software

Same for me, as other hosts say. My listing has been completely hijacked, altered, services which I do not offer added. The commission for the host on airbnb went from 3% to 15%. I requested immediate disconnection, they said it is disconnected, but after the call with airbnb I learnt that not, Futurestay takes the commission for every reservation I take. I am on call with airbnb requesting to remove the parasite code from my listings, so I can manage properties myself, as before. A big mistake, costed me a lot of money, and sleepless nights.


Ya, no wonder you don't have a reviews section on facebook - because you are AWFUL to work with! I have NEVER encountered a company with worse customer service - plain ignorance and flat out ignoring what your clients say and request! I have had an account with you for over a month now and it has been a constant headache and NOW, you have retrieved a deleted listing and linked it to Booking.com that has now received reservations that I can't cancel, even though the listing no longer exists - at all! And NO help from anyone!! I have notified the BBB, FBI Fraud Dept. and will be blasting our story all over the web until this issue is fixed!!!!