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By grouping furniture into a package, we save you and us costs. Compare the savings between buying a room from Furnishr and buying each piece of furniture from other retailers.

With Furnishr, you just tell us your style, rooms to furnish and the furniture you need, and we’ll curate the products and do all the heavy lifting! With other retailers, you do it all by yourself.

How It Works

  1. Find your style: Don’t know the difference between contemporary and modern styles? Take our style quiz and we’ll tell you what your design style is.
  2. Get your custom package: Tell us your dimensions and we will create a detailed proposal with all the furniture for each room based on your style. We’ll also make sure everything fits in your rooms.
  3. Personalize your room: Collaborate with our designer by sharing what you like and dislike about your proposal. Personalize your proposal until you have your dream home.
  4. Buy the room: Purchase your Furnishr package with all the furniture in it. All packages include all the products, delivery, setup and cleanup.
  5. Let us do the rest: Delivery, setup and cleanup? Not a worry! We will handle all the moving-in hassle and get you move-in ready in a day!

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Agree with the last reviewer

Agree with the last reviewer. Took about an extra month to get everything. Very poor communication for that month. I had to constantly reach out. Day of second delivery, missed the delivery window of three hours by an hour... dropped off chairs for backyard, left in boxes, didn’t pick up wrong colored chairs, so now have 6 extra chairs of the wrong color, dropped off legs for table that were missing and then left... paid for everything to be assembled and ready to go... service is 70% of what they say it is. Michael and Karen might need to rethink business model here.

Never again

Took them almost a month to get all my furniture to me. Still waiting on one piece of furniture now. This was the most painful experience ever, I'm sure Covid-19 could be a factor but this was ridiculous and I'll never use them again. I could be the one random person where things didn't go as planned so take this review with a grain of salt.