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Enjoy your dream home, set up for you in just a day.

By grouping furniture into a package, we save you and us costs. Compare the savings between buying a room from Furnishr and buying each piece of furniture from other retailers.

With Furnishr, you just tell us your style, rooms to furnish and the furniture you need, and we’ll curate the products and do all the heavy lifting! With other retailers, you do it all by yourself.

How It Works

  1. Find your style: Don’t know the difference between contemporary and modern styles? Take our style quiz and we’ll tell you what your design style is.
  2. Get your custom package: Tell us your dimensions and we will create a detailed proposal with all the furniture for each room based on your style. We’ll also make sure everything fits in your rooms.
  3. Personalize your room: Collaborate with our designer by sharing what you like and dislike about your proposal. Personalize your proposal until you have your dream home.
  4. Buy the room: Purchase your Furnishr package with all the furniture in it. All packages include all the products, delivery, setup and cleanup.
  5. Let us do the rest: Delivery, setup and cleanup? Not a worry! We will handle all the moving-in hassle and get you move-in ready in a day!

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An excellent service

I highly recommend Furnishr. Their service allowed me to furnish 90% of my new apartment to my satisfaction, with little effort on my behalf. During my design consultation I was given very good (and realistic) advice regarding what furniture would suit the layout of my apartment.

Great Experience!

The experience overall was pretty great! Our process involved about 5-6 reviews with our designer Danielle (we were experimenting with a few things while balancing our budget) and she was very responsive and attentive every step of the way. When we received our order, everything looked beautiful and accurate to all the pictures. Would definitely recommend Furnishr to all my friends.


UPDATED REVIEW Happy to state that I now have all my furniture! Karen did a great job of communicating with me once I voiced my displeasure, and she stayed on top of the delivery process. She also gave me a small refund for the scuff marks on the bedside tables. The furniture are generally fine, and i recommend the service if you're too busy to handle buying new furniture and you're not overly time sensitive.