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By grouping furniture into a package, we save you and us costs. Compare the savings between buying a room from Furnishr and buying each piece of furniture from other retailers.

With Furnishr, you just tell us your style, rooms to furnish and the furniture you need, and we’ll curate the products and do all the heavy lifting! With other retailers, you do it all by yourself.

How It Works

  1. Find your style: Don’t know the difference between contemporary and modern styles? Take our style quiz and we’ll tell you what your design style is.
  2. Get your custom package: Tell us your dimensions and we will create a detailed proposal with all the furniture for each room based on your style. We’ll also make sure everything fits in your rooms.
  3. Personalize your room: Collaborate with our designer by sharing what you like and dislike about your proposal. Personalize your proposal until you have your dream home.
  4. Buy the room: Purchase your Furnishr package with all the furniture in it. All packages include all the products, delivery, setup and cleanup.
  5. Let us do the rest: Delivery, setup and cleanup? Not a worry! We will handle all the moving-in hassle and get you move-in ready in a day!

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Great service for investment properties!

We couldn't have quickly turned around our investment property without Furnshr! Honestly, working with them took the headache out of arranging deliveries with multiple companies and spending tedious hours putting together furniture. Bonus, they throw out all the packaging for you! I'm already working on them for my next property.

Expensive Furniture + Terrible Execution

I paid $15k for my furniture. I knew they were up charging and I was ok with that because they did all the design work and apparently got discounts for having relationships with the furniture companies. The designer, Isla, was amazing. We had to swap out a few items that couldn't be delivered on time, which was fine, and scheduled a delivery date for the 25 pieces of furniture on Friday, 11/5. At this point I was under the impression that all my furniture would be delivered on this date, because we had swapped out any piece that was on backorder. On 11/5 they were supposed to get here at 9am, but because their customer service team misread my email, they bumped the delivery window to 1pm-3pm. Ok, not a problem I will work from home to accommodate. I told them they needed to arrive before 4pm because I had a teledoc appointment. Sure enough, they arrive right at 4pm so I had to delay my appointment. At this point I'm pretty irritated given the expectations I had. I tell the delivery guys to bring in the two small pallets of furniture ($15k mind you) and they even agreed to assemble everything (nothing is assembled btw). Ok, great, I am starting to feel a little better even though the biggest piece, the couch, was not in the mix along with about 10 other pieces of the 25 in total. I had my appointment so I told them I would be back in an hour to check in on their progress. I come back to my apartment and NOTHING is there. They literally brought everything into my apartment, said they were going to assemble it, then left with all of it for some unknown reason that nobody can explain to me. I had plans to have friends over for a house warming this weekend and need to cancel since they cannot bring the furniture back until Tuesday. I am absolutely livid right now especially given how much I paid. I cannot even speak to the quality of the goods, but according to these other reviews (which I wish I had read) the quality is almost as bad as the execution. I will add to this review once I see what everything looks like in my place. This is an amazing idea, but the execution has been absolutely horrendous, so I would not recommend this service to anyone.

Awesome furniture and great service!

Furnishr is awesome! I got a variety of design proposals and I could hand pick the pieces I liked. It took 5 weeks for the furniture to arrive but it was worth the wait! I love everything I've bought. They're also super budget friendly, with options of paying in installments over the 5 weeks delivery period. That really did take a lot of pressure off me. I highly recommend furnishr!