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  1. Find your style: Don’t know the difference between contemporary and modern styles? Take our style quiz and we’ll tell you what your design style is.
  2. Get your custom package: Tell us your dimensions and we will create a detailed proposal with all the furniture for each room based on your style. We’ll also make sure everything fits in your rooms.
  3. Personalize your room: Collaborate with our designer by sharing what you like and dislike about your proposal. Personalize your proposal until you have your dream home.
  4. Buy the room: Purchase your Furnishr package with all the furniture in it. All packages include all the products, delivery, setup and cleanup.
  5. Let us do the rest: Delivery, setup and cleanup? Not a worry! We will handle all the moving-in hassle and get you move-in ready in a day!

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SAVE YOUR MONEY, look elsewhere.  What seemed like a great solution to furnishing my apartment for an upcoming move, turned into wasted time, money, and energy. The communication throughout the whole process is ATROCIOUS. On the day of the move, I wasn't told who was bringing my furniture or given a number for the drivers. When they arrived, the couch would not fit in the elevator (ok, fine, it happens) and the movers assembled the bed incorrectly, blamed it on a defective item, and had to send someone else to fix it the next day (which I am appreciative they did, but it still took up time and had me sleeping on a mattress on a floor that night). In addition, I was notified the afternoon before my delivery that a rug had not arrived in time and would ship separately. Given that I paid a markup on the item for set up (lifting the large rug up the stairs, pulling it down the hall, lifting the bed on top of it, etc), it was annoying to then have to do that myself. I was told I'd get updates on the delivery of the rug. I did not, and a few days after the move it was just sitting in my lobby. When I finally rolled it out, I saw that it didn't fit. I requested to see options for an exchange of the rug as well as options for a different couch. It took 5 days to get a response on the rug, and 7 days to get a response on the couch. The delayed response was frustrating as I was never told when I could expect to see options and had to keep emailing and asking. When I asked for pricing on the new items, it took another 5 days to get an answer. At that point, I was frustrated and ordered a couch from Burrow on my own. In addition to this, there was a dresser I had originally ordered that wouldn't fit in the space, which I asked them not to deliver. They kept it at the warehouse on the day of the move and said they'd issue a refund minus a 15% fee. Fine. But I'm now waiting for a refund on a dresser and a couch and have had a big rug laying in the bedroom waiting to be exchanged or at the very least returned. I'm frustrated, tired of constantly having to follow up with this business, and annoyed at the markup I paid on items for poor service. Nice concept, but terrible execution and maddeningly non-existent communication. I've seen this posted on reviews here before, so there clearly haven't been any updates made to the process. I understand that it's a small team and that there are supply chain issues and that I'm being up-charged on items that can be found on Wayfair etc for a service. What's not acceptable is the lack of communication (not even an away message on an email if someone is out sick!). After more follow-up emails, I was only just told my refund request was "escalated to management" and that they're still working on the logistics of the rug exchange. It sounds like I'm going to wind up needing to take a cab to a FedEx and just getting it done myself.  Again, I understand that delays happen, but you need to let your customer know what is happening, the dates orders were placed, etc. not just say "we're waiting on our supplier" and not follow up.  I've now had to buy replacement items myself and it's a lot of money to be sitting on a personal credit card. I'm not an office or an Airbnb business. I'm an individual with bills to pay during inflation and I hate that I feel so strongly about this experience that I need to warn others.  For your sanity and your wallet, go elsewhere. I'm hoping I can update this with, at the very least, a positive resolution.

Great service

Great service overall, especially if you are planning a move-in from a different city (and/or state) and do not have time to organize everything yourself! The design phase is the highlight of the experience, the team is really experienced and will help you find the exact pieces of furniture that will fit the space (by placing them on the floor plan) and aesthetic choices. The quality of the furniture is great. The delivery is effortless as the team handles the entire installation of the items and throws away the shipping boxes for you. Some delays in delivery times (6-7 weeks are necessary as of right now for NYC) and e-mail responses motivate the missing star, but Furnishr still remains an attractive value proposition.