We teach people how to invest in real estate

FortuneBuilders is the premier real estate education company in the country. Founded by nationally recognized real estate investors, we have developed the systems, tools, educational platform and coaching program to accelerate new and existing real estate investor businesses.

FortuneBuilders was the result of a convergence of three passions; Real Estate, Entrepreneurship and Teaching. As successful investors we discovered the freedom and lifestyle these passions afforded us. FortuneBuilders is our vehicle to share, teach and inspire investors everywhere. In 2004, Than Merrill, Konrad Sopielnikow, Paul Esajian and JD Esajian started CT Homes, a real estate investment business. The systems and processes they created to scale quickly, maximize profits and reduce risk lead to their rapid success. These systems became the foundation for the FortuneBuilders educational platform and coaching program.

FortuneBuilders offers the most advanced and comprehensive investing education. Our flagship program, Mastery Coaching, is a one-on-one coaching program that provides students with all the tools, resources, knowledge and systems necessary to accelerate their business and reduce risk.

Mastery Coaching

Top professionals in any industry know coaching is an invaluable resource, with some surveys indicating 70% of Fortune 500 CEOs utilize business coaching. We believe to be the best, you have to constantly surround yourself with people who have a different perspective and have already achieved what you desire. Mastery is our program that allows investors to reach their financial and personal goals by learning how to strategically invest in real estate. Mastery students receive unparalleled support through one-on-one coaching, foundational systems and course materials and exclusive access to our live training events. >


Start your investing journey with our foundational training courses. We offer three distinct home study courses to lay the groundwork for your real estate goals. Whether you need help marketing and acquiring deals, resources and systems for rehabbing or understanding the intricacies of wholesaling, our courses will provide the blueprints for your ideal investing strategy. >

Real Estate Investing Events

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I filled my Soul and my Head for 7 days in Baltimore

I attended 2 days of IQA, 3 days of Rehab, 3 days of Commercial. Each Bootcamp was filled with loads of useful Information that cannot be gained as easily as it was presented thru Fortune Builders. I was inspired to do more and use the systems to improve my business. The way that this Fortune Builders Family handles each and every aspect of the program makes them a candidate for best practices in any "teaching program". The whole team is unbelievable in knowledge, tips, and assistance. There is positivity out the kazoo and I am honored to be a part of this movement. Thank You... see you at UEC