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I honestly can't believe how poor the…

I honestly can't believe how poor the service has been from this company. I booked them to provide an end of tenancy cleaning for £209. Their customer service when making the booking was excellent, with follow up calls and emails. However, today one cleaner arrived at midday to look around the property. She began to tell me I have too many windows (there are three standard sized sash windows in the living room. She told me it's free to clean one window but it would be £10 for the additional two. She then pointed to the window on the stairs and said that was extra too. I told her that when making the booking online, it was clear that all internal cleaning of windows was included in the service and there was nothing to suggest there was a charge for 'extra windows'. I told her I wanted an exact figure of what she thought I would be paying over the already agreed £209. She fumbled with the app and couldn't give me any answer. I told her I'd call the office and check with them. She said that was fine and said she was going down to park properly and would be straight back. cut to 10 mins later and it turns out she's driven off. The company calls me and apologises and can't offer an explanation as to why she was trying to charge me extra for cleaning the inside of windows. I reluctantly agree to another time slot on the same day of 3pm. I am having to leave my office to do this, taking time out of my working day. at 3:45pm I give up and head back to the office having left messages with the company trying to find out where the cleaners are because I've heard nothing. I then get a call form a mobile number and answer it, only to be met with, "yes who is this?" Me: "This is El****.... who is this?" Cleaner: "what you mean who is this, you called me, who are you?" Me: "Um is this Fantastic Services?" Clearner: "oh yes, sorry yes..... I'll be with you in 20-30 mins" I told him not to bother, this was the second time the same day this company let me down, the first time they tried to rip me off and then did a runner when I told them I'd speak to their head office and the second time they were ultimately going to be over an hour late with no communication to inform me of this or apologise. The head office gave me another call to apologise..... and to add insult to injury, they offered a pathetic 10% discount if I would go back to the flat and wait for them to arrive and do the clean. NO, stick that 10% discount along with your unprofessional and appealing service!