Edgar Smart Concierge

The app concierge for Vacation Rental

Edgar Smart Concierge is a Guest Management tool for Hosts.

With Edgar you can create your own App Concierge to better assist your guests before, during and after their stay and to increase revenues by upselling extra services!

Why Edgar?

  • Improve the quality of your guests’ stay by assisting them before, during and after their arrival and earn amazing online reviews
  • Increase your guest profitability by upselling internal and external services
  • Make your operations more efficient and profitable by providing the right information in the best way
  • Improve your online reputation thanks to your digital assistant


From the Host’s Point of View

  • Customized APP: Thanks to Edgar you will have an app completely yours, personalized, in which you can put everything you want to offer to your guests. Experiences, Restaurants, Transfer. Everything at your fingertips.
  • More opportunities, more profit: You will increase your earnings because you will offer guests more services, local experiences and assistance. With Edgar, those which today are only your advice will become opportunities to be monetized thanks to your new app.
  • Learn more about your guests: Edgar catalogs guests’ data for you, in complete safety and in compliance with privacy regulations. In this way you can get to know your customers better and anticipate their wishes to involve them with direct marketing activities.

From the Guest’s Point of View

  • The check-in has never been so easy: Your guests can check-in at any time, even from the sofa at home, before their departure. End of waste papers, squandering and live costs that these activities bring you. Edgar automates these operations, finally!
  • Put everything in the showcase and make money: Your guests, right from the booking, will be able to find out what your destination and accommodation property offer: thanks to your App Concierge they can plan in advance to better enjoy their holiday and make you earn more.
  • Customized Map: Your guests will always have the map with all activities and tips you have selected for them available on their smartphone. Do you want to suggest that sandwich shop on the corner, which makes fabulous cheeseburgers? Perfect, put it on Edgar!

How it works?

  1. Try Edgar for free and decide after 30 days if Edgar is right for you. Join your free trial here (you will never have any obligations)
  2. Customize Edgar and find out everything it can do for you. Start immediately and improve your way of working
  3. Involve your guests with Edgar. Offer them experiences, internal services and everything they desire during their holiday
  4. Take it easy! You will have more time to spend on other activities. There will be Edgar to think about check-in, up-selling and privacy.

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