A personal touch

More like a hotel than an Airbnb…

  • Guest Check-ins: We use secure key boxes and a network of local key safe suppliers to make sure your guests can access your property night or day, rain or shine. We also undertake a full inspection when your guests check out.
  • Guest Screening: We care about your property as much as you do. We vet each and every guest enquiry until we feel certain they’ll respect your property and your neighbours.
  • Profile Optimisation: Our experienced staff know the tricks of the trade to improve the ranking of your property on Airbnb, and ensure you stand out from the crowd. We also take professional photos to showcase your property at its best.
  • Maintenance: We’ll manage and report on the condition of your home, organising any repairs or redecorations in line with your instructions.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Utilising advanced online software means your pricing is optimised in line with seasonal and local demands, maximising your returns.
  • Concierge and Delivery Services: We aim to provide your guests with a hotel experience, so we’re on call 24 hours a day to help your guests get the most from their stay. Booking theatre tickets; a last-minute restaurant reservation; recommending things to do; a nice bottle of red – we’re always on hand.
  • Inbox Management: First impressions count. We ensure that any guest enquiry is responded to within an hour, no matter what hour. We manage all your guest communications, so you can sit back and relax.
  • Post Forwarding: We understand that the property may be your current or previous home. If required, we will forward any post to your preferred address.

Dromor have been managing 80+ studio…

Dromor have been managing 80+ studio apartments for me in the past 2 years and I couldn’t be happier with the service. They took care of everything from check ins to cleaning and the account manager Tihana is brilliant. 10/10 would recommend

This is ridiculous

This is ridiculous. My original booking is from 1/8 to 31/8, but I received an email from Dromor team on 21/8 and it stated that my booking needed to be shortened and required me to check-out on 23/8. When I sent an email to Dromor team or even contacted them by call, they had no intention to help me find another place or give me compensation but just the refund. What I need is just a place to stay, how ridiculous it is.