Strongest. Smartest. Smallest. Fastest. Safest.

Use your smartphone to lock and unlock your door!

DanaLock is the most beautiful and most inexpensive smart lock available today.

DanaLock is the product of more than 15 years of research and development. It is made to support almost any door lock mechanism, whether you have a Euro profile cylinder, dead bolt, scandinavian profile or anything else.

DanaLock is perfect for retrofitting – No extra drilling required – Simply use the existing holes and screws in your door. Installation takes 10 minutes.

You can send virtual keys to your visitors and operate the DanaLock remotely using the Z-Wave interface.

Danalock comes in different designs and with different interfaces:

  • A Bluetooth Smart unit – Operate the DanaLock directly from your smart phone
  • A Z-Wave version – Go online to operate your lock and use your smartphone browser to operate the lock when you come home.
  • A combined version with both Bluetooth Smart and Z-Wave, giving you the best from 2 worlds, and the ultimate control

Lock randomly unlocks

Lock randomly unlocks and locks the door, this is not something that you expect when you pay a lot of money for a lock, laying in bed in the middle of the night hearing the lock suddenly unlocking.

Locked Out!

This smart lock has potential but sadly I could not recommend after a few glitches with the app (as others have said, the auto unlock does not work on an iPhone) and then a complete failure of the unit to respond to either phone app or Danalock keypad leaving the family locked out of the house and calling around for a locksmith - not an easy process on a Sunday evening during a lockdown! Tech support was quick to acknowledge a faulty unit but cannot resolve a fix without my sending back the initial lock before they will ship a new one. Several weeks on they still have to resolve how to manage a refund and I am also still £100+ out of pocket for the locksmith given the department who could agree that refund is apparently on furlough (although sales department still seem to be taking money). Trusting your home security to a new system is a big decision and I would expect Ultion/Danalock to take the security and safety of its customers more seriously and we have decided not to continue until the both the product reliability and support infrastructure is much better established.