Strongest. Smartest. Smallest. Fastest. Safest.

Use your smartphone to lock and unlock your door!

DanaLock is the most beautiful and most inexpensive smart lock available today.

DanaLock is the product of more than 15 years of research and development. It is made to support almost any door lock mechanism, whether you have a Euro profile cylinder, dead bolt, scandinavian profile or anything else.

DanaLock is perfect for retrofitting – No extra drilling required – Simply use the existing holes and screws in your door. Installation takes 10 minutes.

You can send virtual keys to your visitors and operate the DanaLock remotely using the Z-Wave interface.

Danalock comes in different designs and with different interfaces:

  • A Bluetooth Smart unit – Operate the DanaLock directly from your smart phone
  • A Z-Wave version – Go online to operate your lock and use your smartphone browser to operate the lock when you come home.
  • A combined version with both Bluetooth Smart and Z-Wave, giving you the best from 2 worlds, and the ultimate control

Have to agree with the other reviews…

Have to agree with the other reviews that on paper these are great locks. However they just aren’t fit for purpose. The motor is either too powerful or doesn’t calibrate correctly as we are now on our second barrel with is about to snap. The barrel can be replaced but as a combined barrel / lock mechanism they do not work together. This is for with an ultion barrel so I’m assuming that’s good enough quality. With a composite door it can be a problem with the hold back mechanism due to the auto lock design of them but in general it copes well. Unfortunately I’m not sure if there is an alternative option for a smart door. We had the Yale conexis on our old upvc door and this was good but not without its issues either. I guess these kind of locks are best for a simple barrel lock and that’s it.

This lock should be recalled for safety…

This lock should be recalled for safety reasons . We had Ultion's Danalock V3 fitted on the entrance door to our self-catering guest house. It seemed the perfect solution for giving guests secure keyless access. The lock was installed June 2021 along with a new door , adapted to support the lock. Following numerous issues including calibration and motor failure we realised this lock is not the perfect solution but a major problem. The most frequent problem is the twisting and snapping of the inner spindle that connects the cylinder lock to the Danalock motor . When this happens the door cannot be opened without a key from the outside. It cannot be opened at all from the inside . This lock has been designed to fit any door width by having snap off markers along the length of the spindle. It is made of soft metal with weak points to enable this. A little tap on the motor to use twist assist is the ideal way to use this lock. But, with frequent calibration issues, motor failure and a hungry battery appetite, a hand on the lock to assist the twist is likely to twist or snap the spindle putting the lock out of action. This is annoying if you are outside trying to get in, but if you are inside trying to get out , and it is the only means of escape , it is outright dangerous . Last weekend we had guests locked in the building when for the 4th time the spindle snapped . And so did I ! We have been offered a full refund from Ultion, but that leaves us with a door that won't accept another smart lock. The safety of our guests is our priority so we have no choice but to remove the lock immediately and replace it with what ever keeps our guests safe and our business running, smart or not ! The sales rep from Ultion tells us our guests and their use of the lock are to blame and that he has fitted many of these locks to Airbnb's and short term let properties "with no issues whatsoever". We obviously disagree, but the important point here is that this lock has a high risk of locking people in a building. If you are one of those Airbnb's or short term let properties that have this lock , you could be putting lives at risk so replace it with something safe as soon as possible .

*** WARNING *** Avoid Danalock: unreliable products, useless support.

My experience with Danalock has been truly dismal. Like many others, I experienced lock calibration failure. I had to repeatedly recalibrate my Danalock every couple of days and it would lose it's calibration. I contacted Danalock support who suggested upgrading firmware and sending log files. They never supplied any kind of fix. Luckily, I contacted Ultion locks who sold the unit and they were really helpful. They knew that Danalock had a problem with some faulty units and immediately supplied a new Danalock kit under the 5 year warranty. I sent a follow-up email to Danalock to ask why they did not inform me of the known issue. True to form, they never replied, hence this review to warn others not to buy from this useless company. Since Danalock were bought by the Spanish conglomerate Salto Systems, you may think that they would now have better resources to handle tech support. The opposite is true: support became non-existent. I have had other issues with Danalock, such as the geofence function which is supposed to allow unlocking when returning to my house. It has never worked properly and I always end up standing outside my property waiting in hope for the door to open. Also, I keep getting the message "key has expired" which forces me to log out and log back in to the app. Notably, Ultion locks (who are excellent, by the way) have now dropped the Danalock product in favour of the Nuki product line. When my Danalock finally fails completely I will be replacing it with Nuki product. Hope that helps!