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Use your smartphone to lock and unlock your door!

DanaLock is the most beautiful and most inexpensive smart lock available today.

DanaLock is the product of more than 15 years of research and development. It is made to support almost any door lock mechanism, whether you have a Euro profile cylinder, dead bolt, scandinavian profile or anything else.

DanaLock is perfect for retrofitting – No extra drilling required – Simply use the existing holes and screws in your door. Installation takes 10 minutes.

You can send virtual keys to your visitors and operate the DanaLock remotely using the Z-Wave interface.

Danalock comes in different designs and with different interfaces:

  • A Bluetooth Smart unit – Operate the DanaLock directly from your smart phone
  • A Z-Wave version – Go online to operate your lock and use your smartphone browser to operate the lock when you come home.
  • A combined version with both Bluetooth Smart and Z-Wave, giving you the best from 2 worlds, and the ultimate control

The lock itself is ok, the rest is rubbish

The lock itself is ok, it's rather slow to respond to the phone lock/unlock command. I also, bought the danabridge which is totally useless. The lock won't connect to any smart home hubs, it fails constantly with a Z-Wave error. It's is supposed to be in the connection mode for 30 seconds, but fails after three or four.

A bit of a patchy start but excellent…

A bit of a patchy start but excellent now. We had a new composite door fitted and purchased the Ultion Smart lock with the installation. The initial lock appeared faulty as it would not detect our phones (IOS & Android) And so I contacted Ultion for technical support. After a number of calls and troubleshooting steps they agreed to either send an engineer or a new lock. I happily took receipt of the entire smart product and fitted it (only takes 2 screws) and it works a dream. Needless to say, New products can be faulty / intermittent but Ultion were more than supportive. Credit to Tech Support team Luke x2 for their help. Note at time of writing there is a minor bug in the IOS app that causes the app to sign out every so often which is annoying but easily overcome by closing and reopening (no need to sign in again) but Ultion have said this is in development for the latest update. Hopefully it comes through soon.

Poor tech support

My lock was working but I wanted to invite my children. I followed their technical guidance and reset the lock. I am now left with a non functioning smart lock and their only offered solution is to return the lock at my own expense and an additional €50 to have it reset for a new code. I have requested a return for refund and am still awaiting a response. Their process is not customer centric if all does not go to plan. I recommend avoiding this smart lock option.