Strongest. Smartest. Smallest. Fastest. Safest.

Use your smartphone to lock and unlock your door!

DanaLock is the most beautiful and most inexpensive smart lock available today.

DanaLock is the product of more than 15 years of research and development. It is made to support almost any door lock mechanism, whether you have a Euro profile cylinder, dead bolt, scandinavian profile or anything else.

DanaLock is perfect for retrofitting – No extra drilling required – Simply use the existing holes and screws in your door. Installation takes 10 minutes.

You can send virtual keys to your visitors and operate the DanaLock remotely using the Z-Wave interface.

Danalock comes in different designs and with different interfaces:

  • A Bluetooth Smart unit – Operate the DanaLock directly from your smart phone
  • A Z-Wave version – Go online to operate your lock and use your smartphone browser to operate the lock when you come home.
  • A combined version with both Bluetooth Smart and Z-Wave, giving you the best from 2 worlds, and the ultimate control

No good for composite doors

I have had this a while now, its never worked from day 1, the tech team never got back to me. The kit isn't strong enough to throw the bolts on a composite door. To get the door open you have to pull the door towards you to help the lock. A big waste of money, for composite doors with throw bolts.

Gave up with this lock

Gave up with this lock, it started opening by itself so we didn't know if the door was locked when we were away the app told us it was locked when it wasn’t. It ended up a security risk Got in touch with with the company and they told us some fixes that didnt work. Really disappointed in this product and support.