Strongest. Smartest. Smallest. Fastest. Safest.

Use your smartphone to lock and unlock your door!

DanaLock is the most beautiful and most inexpensive smart lock available today.

DanaLock is the product of more than 15 years of research and development. It is made to support almost any door lock mechanism, whether you have a Euro profile cylinder, dead bolt, scandinavian profile or anything else.

DanaLock is perfect for retrofitting – No extra drilling required – Simply use the existing holes and screws in your door. Installation takes 10 minutes.

You can send virtual keys to your visitors and operate the DanaLock remotely using the Z-Wave interface.

Danalock comes in different designs and with different interfaces:

  • A Bluetooth Smart unit – Operate the DanaLock directly from your smart phone
  • A Z-Wave version – Go online to operate your lock and use your smartphone browser to operate the lock when you come home.
  • A combined version with both Bluetooth Smart and Z-Wave, giving you the best from 2 worlds, and the ultimate control

Unreliable product and poor customer service

I have been using my Danalock v3 for around 15 months now - initially not too many issues although some of the features only worked occasionally. However, in the last 6 months we have gone through 3 sets of batteries and the reliability is very poor. This wouldn't be so bad if Ultion/Danalock could sort out their customer service but it takes over 2 weeks to get any sort of response. I'm now stuck with a lock which only works with a physical key. If only they redirected some of their marketing budget to after-sales support and product development!

Works for me!

I have been using Danalock and Danapad for 6 months now - purchased in the UK from Ultion. Likes: - Very convenient - Easy to install, batteries seem to last - Pin codes work without fail - Proximity auto-unlock worked as described, we have disabled it though. I am not comfortable with the concept. Dislikes: - Danapad keys are too hard. Presumably because of weatherproofing. I'd prefer softer keys with a better tactile response. - It takes 2-3 seconds before the lock reacts to unlock request via the app - way too long. - The app is counterintuitive and could do with a re-design and better workflow. - When locking, still need to lift the door handle every time in order to engage hook bolts. This is not Danalock's fault of course. Wishlist: - Why not combine Danapad with a key fob reader? Appears simple enough.