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If a homeshare guest sustains a bodily injury or property damage while in your home, they can sue you for damages. Home insurance policies protect homeowners against liability when they have guests in their home, but this coverage usually doesn’t include short-term rental guests such as homeshare guests, as this is considered commercial activity and is excluded from most personal home insurance policies. This leaves you exposed every time a guest stays in your home.

If you live in San Francisco, liability insurance is required in order to register on the Short-Term Residential Rental Registry.

Airbnb is the only company that includes liability insurance for hosts, but their coverage only applies to homesharing done through their site. Homesharing Liability Insurance is the only way to get coverage that follows you, no matter how you short-term rent your home.

Homesharing Liability Insurance provides up to $1 million in Commercial General Liability insurance, for bodily injury or property damage to the guest. It also reimburses you for 90 days lost rental income, up to $5,000, as a result of damage to your home caused by your guest that exceeds $10,000.

Everyone who home-shares or short-term rents needs liability insurance needs this policy. If you use multiple sites to homeshare (e.g. Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO) you need Homeshare Liability Insurance as Airbnb coverage does not follow you on other sites and only covers you from check-in to check-out. For example, if check-out is at 4pm and your guest request an extra hour, that extra hour may not be covered. If you don’t homeshare all year round you can choose the months you need coverage for, so you’re not over-insured.

Home-sharing Liability Insurance is compatible with any home owner’s insurance and is primary, but excess over other types of insurance. What this means is Home-sharing Liability Insurance will take effect and provide you coverage while you are engaged in commercial activity by renting or home-sharing if your home insurance policy won’t cover your liability claim.

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