Take the stress out of investing in Flips, Rentals and Vacation Rentals

We provide real estate investors simple, fast and affordable tools so they can focus their valuable time and money acquiring successful properties.

Clik2Flip allows you to analyze the potential return of any property in a matter of SECONDS.  Because you do not have to enter any data, Clik2Flip will provide you instant ROI analysis on any property for Vacation Rentals (Airbnb/VRBO), Flips and Rentals.

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How it Works:

Property Search

Searching for properties couldn’t be easier. Simply geolocate or use our advanced address lookup which even allows unit numbers.

  • Powered by Google™ predictive lookup and Zillow™
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Add unit numbers to any address

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Property Info

Quickly see key property data and add your own photos to those already provided.

  • Quickly open to maps
  • See size, age and # bed/baths
  • See current Zestimate™ value

Property Comps

Instantly see 25 local comps to provide more accurate analysis. Even create your own ARV using selected comps.

  • Color coded for easier selection (green, orange, red)
  • Selected comps PPSF applied to subject property
  • Update your ARV or Purchase Price with a single click

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Property Wishlist

Easily save potential winners to your Wishlist for further review or deeper analysis.

  • Share directly with other investors/partners
  • Purchase Premium Data for deeper insights
  • Compare Cash on Cash returns between properties

Key Features

Most Important Metrics


Instantly review the most important investment metrics:

  • Cash on Cash: Quickly see Year 1 Cash on Cash returns with or without financing
  • Debt Service Coverage: DSCR shows if a property can pay it’s debt to the bank
  • Rent Zestimate™: Instantly see Rental Range Estimates from Zillow.
  • Repair Costs: Use our repair costs calculator or simply use the default PPSF provided
  • HOA Fees: Often overlooked, HOA fees can make or break any deal
  • Cash Flow: Stabilized cash flow is probably the most important metric, instantly see if a property will put money in your pocket each year

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