La solución para el registro de viajeros

CheKin es la app para gestión de partes de entrada de viajeros con la que podrás gestionar fácilmente tu alojamiento vacacional.

CheKin es también la app de referencia para gestionar Airbnb, Booking, Homeaway y similares desde tu móvil. Haz el registro de viajeros en la Policía y Guardia Civil con CheKin y cumple así con la Ley de Turismo para alojamientos turísticos.

Registrar a tus huéspedes escaneando sus DNI o pasaporte te llevará solo 2 minutos. Puedes usar CheKin para tu vivienda, apartamentos, hotel, hostal, camping y cualquier tipo de alojamiento turístico que necesite realizar la comunicación de datos a las Fuerzas de Seguridad.

CheKin es la solución para realizar los check-ins de tus huéspedes de forma fácil, segura y cumpliendo con la ley allí donde lo necesites. Sea cual sea tu tipo y número de alojamientos.

  • Check-in móvil en 2 min para viviendas, hoteles, hostales, campings…
  • Lectura de DNI y pasaportes
  • Firma electrónica
  • Envío automático de datos a las autoridades
  • Generación de partes y contratos
  • Check-in anticipado (pre check-in)
  • Posibilidad de check-in 100% remoto
  • ¿Trabajas para un PMS o Channel Manager? Estamos listos para integrarnos


  • Check-in móvil en 2 min
  • Lectura de DNI y pasaportes
  • Creación automática de partes y contratos
  • Envio en 1 clic a las autoridades
  • Ahorra tiempo con el Pre Check-in
  • Gestiona todos tus aloja-mientos en un mismo panel

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Avoid at all costs

The worst experience with a business we have ever had. As soon as they have your money the service goes out the window. Such poor customer service and so many issues with the software itself, hard to integrate, sends out information before it is supposed to, even when the correct triggers are in place, charging guest cards when they shouldn't have. We trialed it and tried to work with the team for a month or so but in the end, turned it off and requested to end our relationship with them. Even when we diactivated our subscription the system kept sending out information to guests and charging their cards. We requested that the entire account be deleted and all information held on us be removed from their system, it has now been over a month of requesting this and chasing it up and they are just no longer replying to us or acknowledging our emails. Wish we had never gotten involved with them in the first place. They are now causing no end of issues for us and our guests and have damaged our reputation as a buisness.

Frequent downtime with non-existent customer service

The website has plenty of bugs and every now and then there is something broken. Customer service is non-existent. They barely reply to any enquiries. You are always told that "they are working on fixing urgent issues" but nothing you report ever gets fixed. If you dare giving them a chance past the trial period, make sure you do not sign up for a yearly subscription until you have used the monthly subscription for at least 3 months, so you can get a "real taste" of this promising startup that unfortunately does not meet the average customer expectations.

Can't see the benefit of this service

My experience with has not been positive so far. So far, I have paid over two hundred Euros and got zero benefits. After a conversation with the owner and following his instructions – the next booking got three emails in rapid concession both from the PMS and The most important reason I got into in the first place was automatic reports to immigration. Well, thank god I had that talk. He just admitted Thai authorities had blocked his service, so it's useless. What's left? Upsales? The PMS has them Check-in emails? PMS has them, too. And lastly – it never worked. It relies on a link in the message to an OTA customer. I have seen 0% conversion. What's left is to figure out how to cancel my subscription through smoobu and get a refund.