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We understand the inconveniences of the new tourism rental laws that require holiday rental companies and property managers to collect guests details and obtain the guest´s signature for the “parte de entrada de viajeros”. This needs to be done 24 hours within the guest arrival too! So we decided to create a solution that simplifies this process, saving you valuable time!

  • Fast – Mobile Scan Passports & IDs: No more typing out guest passport or ID card data! With Check-in Scan, your phone will scan the details in a snap!
  • Save Time – Auto-send Guests to Police: Our app will automatically send your guest check-ins for each property to the police. No more logging and typing details manually!
  • Easy – Capture Guest Signatures: Our app allows for signature capture also for each guest checking in and it creates the parte de viajeros. Less paperwork for you, and better for the environment.
  • Try it for Free – 10 Free Scan Credits: Download the app now and get 10 CREDITS for free, so you can try the app, no credit card required! Try before you buy!
  • Secure – 2048-Bit Encryption and SSL: Your details are private and protected in an encrypted database. Any communication between any of your devices and Check-In Scan is done through SSL tunnelling. Hourly backups.
  • Save Money – Pay as You Go: No monthly fees. NO LIMITS on how many properties or agents you can add. Get all the benefits for a standard and economical scan price for each guest.

More Reasons to Use Our App

In case the features above weren’t enough, we decided to add some new features to make your life easier as holiday rental agent…

  • Add Agents to Your App: Employees, cleaners, airport transport companies, etc. can download the app and do check-ins for you, based on your master account.
  • No Internet, No Problem: Our app can work offline, so if you are out in a patchy area of internet coverage, don´t worry, it will sync up when you reconnect
  • Room Numbers: If you own a small hotel or hostal, this feature may prove useful as you can identify guests based on the room they stayed in.
  • Registration Book: Our app will create a book with 500 pages to store your check-in registration forms which you can download and print.
  • Guest Self Check-In: If your guests arrive at the property without your assistance, they can scan a QR code and check themselves in using our app.
  • Scan Receipts Per Property: We provide you with a breakdown of how many scans have been used for each property, which may be useful to you when reporting to the owner.
  • Customer Control Panel: You will have access to all the important information for you: payment methods, billing, property management, check-ins made…etc.
  • Multilingual: Our app is offered in English, Catalan & Spanish with other languages soon to follow. We speak your language!
  • Available on iOs & Android: Check-in Scan is available to use on both android phones as well as iPhones.

How it Works

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No reviews yet. Want to share a review? Click here