What if you could show guests that your short term rental is safe and secure?

What if travellers could completely relax in a short term rental knowing it was safe and secure—from thieves, from faulty detectors, from fire?

What if there were a way for travellers to identify properties that have taken steps to ensure the highest standards of guest safety and security?

CertiStay provides third party safety and security certification for short term rental properties.

Earn recognition and rewards for your commitment to guest safety and security.

  • Showcase and market your commitment to guest safety & security with recognized and trusted third-party certification.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with CertiStay’s liability insurance at no extra charge.
  • Maximize exposure and marketing opportunities through www.certistay.com.
  • Join an international community of short term rental owners committed to sharing and upholding industry best practices.

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