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Dinnerware missing and damaged

Received dinnerware in two separate shipments seven salad plates missing two pasta bowls missing and a soup bowl missing plus two dinner plates damaged Isaiah was Helpful and said he would replace the items. It appears on the website that I’m being charged for these Although he said I would not be

So Much Wrong

Where to begin? I bought a bed in January of 2021. When it arrived the delivery person asked if they were supposed to assemble it, which I replied yes. They come in (without a single tool) and start assembling it. About an hour or so later (mind you, I had to be somewhere and they were late as it was) they asked if I had a flat head screw driver (but they didn't even know what it was called...hilarious). I got 2 because I didn't know what size they needed. They came back about 15 minutes later asking if I had a Phillips screw driver (again, they didn't know the name), and I got them again 2 different sizes. About 45 minutes later they come and say they are done. I am now over an hour late to getting my kids from school. As time goes on the bed is getting more and more squeaky. It wakes my husband and I up in the middle of the night from moving because it's so loud. After a while my husband decides to see what's going on....I kid you not over 95% of the screws are MISSING! Not only that, the headboard is not screwed into the frame, a support beam in the center of the bed is completely missing, and the support slats are not screwed in at all....but wait, there's more. Because everything wasn't assembled correctly, there's now a 4 inch hole in our mattress!!!! My husband gets on the phone immediately with CB2. They offer us a new bed (that's now backordered) and say they will send the mattress issue to their insurance department. My husband gets some pictures for records and makes the bed as safe to sleep on as he can. Jump to them delivering the new bed a month later....they ask to see the old bed. I say okay, but my husband has somewhat fixed it (by drilling new holes into the bed and doing that best he can with what we had). They then tell me that all they can offer me are new support slats and a new center support. I strongly tell them they will be giving me a new bed as that was the agreement. They hesitantly comply. Don't worry, they didn't assemble it this time. During all this time we have been fighting with CB2 about getting a replacement mattress that they have ruined. It has been over 5 months and still no resolution has been made. They told us our mattress company said you aren't supposed to use our mattress on slats, to which my husband showed them right on the mattress website where it plainly says slat frames are completely fine to use with our mattress. They have been giving us the runaround by transferring us to different departments, and every time we get a new department they tell us they don't know what it's taking so long....just to take even longer! They have asked for the photos on at least three different occasions. They just barely asked for a receipt for the mattress this week to prove we actually own it? And here we are still without a replacement. So....It's now July 2021 and we still don't have a resolution to this issue. All we were given it a $150 gift card to a store I have absolutely no desire to do business with again. Stay away...stay very far away from this company.

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service. What a joke…. No legit company doesn’t get on trust pilot and try to respond to bad reviews and make it right. Also, they won’t post honest reviews about their items. I’ve submitted several, and not a single one was ever posted… don’t waste your money. Honestly, I wouldn’t even care it’s overpriced for cheap quality bc I love the designs. But there’s no excuse for the customer service. Honestly, I feel like I’m at DOL for Goodness sakes. Also, I ordered a coffee table in January, that said it was available and ready to be shipped. Nope…. Still not here on june 29th.