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CB2 is a community (which we hope includes you) seeking modern home design that’s clever and in the moment, that’s spare and simple but with great attention to details, that’s priced smart so we can all have it all (and feel smart doing so). The only attitude you’ll find at CB2 is creative, fun, happy to share.

So I was fully aware of the negative…

So I was fully aware of the negative feedback prior to ordering my Leynx XL Sofa, It was 3 months on back order so I rolled the dice as me and my husband loved this piece in particular and were willing to wait. I have to say my experience was excellent, it came in the time estimated, customer service was excellent, and they walked me through obtaining a certificate of insurance from my building management. I was really impressed with the whole process and pleasantly surprised. Maybe I just got lucky but I would definetly order from CB2 again. Thanks CB2!!

Buyer BEWARE!!

Buyer BEWARE!!! Customer service is AWEFUL. I purchased by furniture (3 pieces) during the free shipping promotion. Prior to the purchase, I called customer service to confirm that furniture would be delivered to my room of choice. I was assured by the rep. that it would be. None of that was TRUE. The first two pieces were set outside my front door while I was at work even though I called twice to confirm that furniture would be delivered at a predetermined time. Then I called to make sure that the last piece (the heaviest), would be placed in my room of choice. I was told by a second customer rep that I was given the wrong info by the first customer rep. I was told in a rude and nasty tone that the furniture would be delivered to my threshold and the delivery men would not step a foot in my house. She seemed almost proud to say it.

Worst company to order from

POORLY MANAGED & Worst company to order from. I am sitting on 2k and diff orders of furniture and other items and all three orders are either late (talking about in stock items that are not shipped 5 weeks after order date) or things missing or broken in order. I had a delivery window of 12/11-12/27 on large items that were IN STOCK and I just called them on 1/6 and the next available date they are giving me is 10 days from now! UNACCEPTABLE!!! Save yourself the hassle and order from West Elm where they know how to run a business and understand customer care.