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CB2 is a community (which we hope includes you) seeking modern home design that’s clever and in the moment, that’s spare and simple but with great attention to details, that’s priced smart so we can all have it all (and feel smart doing so). The only attitude you’ll find at CB2 is creative, fun, happy to share.

Tried to buy a picture frame

Tried to buy a picture frame. It was very poorly packaged and of course if arrived broken via USPS. Called customer service and they refused to authorize return with paid shipping. To ship the broken frame back would have cost $49, which is more than the cost of the frame. Just move on to another vendor. It isn't worth your effort to try and do business with CB2.


FML. Wish I read these reviews before. I ordered a beautiful dining room table and was told it would be shipped out early July. Well... it's early July and I can't get a hold of Customer Service to schedule a delivery. The online delivery system is a joke and says there is nothing available for OVER a year out.

Non-existent customer support and so…

Non-existent customer support and so you spend hours on hold trying to reach customer service, they ignore their own deadlines, charge you deposits (lol) for furniture and then don’t give you any updates why your order is delayed by 5 weeks. I sent 3 emails and received one reply 11 days later with a total useless reply from a sketchy and argumentative rep. I’m surprised they are allowed to be in business with such horrible practices. Cb2 more like CbZERO. Oh I still don't have my furniture.