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CB2 is a community (which we hope includes you) seeking modern home design that’s clever and in the moment, that’s spare and simple but with great attention to details, that’s priced smart so we can all have it all (and feel smart doing so). The only attitude you’ll find at CB2 is creative, fun, happy to share.

Delivery never came

Ordered a bookshelf which kept getting pushed out - I ordered in May, it was meant to come in August and now October. It was scheduled to be delivered between 330-530pm and it never arrived, no explanation. Now I need to allocate time at home for another delivery in 2 weeks time. Can’t rely on any dates / times they give and it makes scheduling impossible.

I wish i can give them a zero if i can

I wish i can give them a zero if i can. I have never worked with a company whose customer service is so awful and I would never order anything from them. Customer service time is awful: every customer service call, you are put on hold for more than 10 to 15 minutes at a time, and they will transfer you to another agent the moment you have a question they cannot answer, which means another 10 to 15 minutes of hold time. Delivery management is awful: I ordered a bed frame from CB2 with a delivery date set for October 18th for my grandparents to sleep on when they visit me on October 22nd. I inquired with CB2 customer service team whether there were any availability on October 22nd for a delivery since I need to do some home improvements between the 18th and the 22nd. After learning there wasn't any, I told the customer service agent to please keep my original delivery date. Some how, a week after my initial call, I received an email that I am now "moved" to October 26th for my delivery date and when I called to move it back, they said they cannot do it anymore and said it was my fault for calling them to inquire, their exact words were "when we make an inquiry, they cancel the original delivery date and book you automatically on the next available". This is perhaps the most idiotic thing i have ever heard. Funny enough, after this call, I tried to see if a pick up is feasible, which triggered the cancellation of my delivery and a now i have a pick up date of November 26th. I just spent the last hour on the phone trying to cancel this order and I am not sure when they will ever pick up.