Dream tenants on demand

We’ll rent your home right away.

We are able to begin leasing properties that meet our criteria in as little as a week, and typically look for homes that are located in premier neighborhoods with at least three bedrooms.

Bungalow currently operates in multiple cities across the U.S. We work with hundreds of properties, tenants from top companies, and guarantee zero late payments ever to our landlord and homeowner partners. We’re here to help landlords and homeowners increase rental revenue, reduce turnover and vacancy costs, and eliminate hassle.

  • Risk Free: Forget hunting down tenants to pay the rent on time. We guarantee full payments for you so you’ll always have peace of mind
  • Hassle Free: We interview and background-check potential renters to make sure they’re people who will be respectful and take care of your home
  • Mess Free: We provide monthly professional cleaning to make sure your house is regularly checked on and kept in great condition

A Smart Partner for Landlords and Homeowners

  • Reliable revenue: We guarantee your full rental revenue over a longer term for more predictability
  • No turnover or vacancy: Renew with Bungalow and enjoy longer lease terms, no tenant turnover costs, and virtually 0% vacancy
  • Long-term professionals: We work with top employers to place professionals for 6-18 month terms. Each resident completes credit and background checks, interviews, and reference checks
  • Automatic payments: Collecting full rental potential has never been easier with a single monthly direct deposit
  • Happy landlords: Bungalow is the first stop for mitigating any resident concerns and we schedule regular housecleaning to put our residents and your property in good hands
  • You’re in good company: Bungalow is backed by Atomic Labs, funded by Peter Thiel and Marc Anderseen, as well as Silicon Valley Bank with 100+ properties across the country

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Deyna M with bungalow is trash

Deyna M with bungalow is trash. She needs to lose her job immediately. This was a pleasant stay up until we were asked to vacate due to the building being returned to the owner. This has happened every time I would sign a lease after notice. The company is going down and do not rent here. They are trash. Mostly Deyna.

Worst property management company ever!!!

They are an invisible company that wouldn't lift a finger to help if any problem arises. They advertise themselves as this all inclusive package deal, like your joining a family of sorts, but it couldn't be further from the truth! Boiler stops working in the middle of winter? 1.5 months to get it fixed, no problem. Internet issues because the router malfunctions? Can't book a technician and will not provide details so that you can book a technician yourself to fix. Locked out of the apartment and they have a lockbox? Easy...$200 to get the code. Wait...you got your own locksmith that you paid for and provided extra keys to all the roomates already? $210 charge for putting that new key in the lockbox. Conveniently changed a fixed rate utility charge to as bills come, you pay exactly those plus a service charge, without informing the tenants or updating the lease to showcase accordingly. Used and still uses COVID to provided the most minimalistic assistance for anything. Want to dispute a charge? get harassed by 4 to 5 team members till you fold. These guys exist to squeeze money out of people who do no know what they are getting into. So this is my warning of sorts, unless you are desperate please stay far away from these guys

Worst company to rent from

Worst company to rent from! They used to have hundreds of 1 star ratings on Google Reviews, but none of these are accessible anymore. They'll put up a flimsy piece of drywall in the living room to add another "room" the size of a closet. On the day I moved in, I wasn't provided a code to the door so I was locked out for hours with the Uhaul and had to pay an overnight cost. At one point, they gave a roommate an early move in date without notifying us (current residents) and when she appeared, we were all confused. She called Bungalow Living and they told her to evacuate the apartment asap. This was the first apartment away from her family and she had just flown in from across the country. Would not recommend. Everyone that has lived with Bungalow Living has a horror story or two, and nobody renews their lease.