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Direct Booking Websites

Drive more direct-bookings, strengthen your vacation rental brand, and elevate your online business with innovative websites that deliver cutting-edge user experiences. Rezfusion Websites provide you with industry-leading tools and functionality designed to accelerate reservations and revenue, build emotional loyalty, inspire travelers, attract new owners, and create long-term sustainable growth.

  • Built to convert: 175+ Vacation Rental Managers increased their direct-online revenue by an average of 33% in 2017 working with the only industry-leading eCommerce platform specific to vacation rental professionals.
  • Rezfusion BoostEfficiently integrate the data in your property management software to connect with two of the world’s largest online travel companies to create compelling listings that are automatically updated and managed.
  • Travel Insurance Promoter: Don’t just have a checkbox for Travel Insurance, promote it for unmatched sales. Provide your guest peace of mind, and provide your sales agents the service they need to keep your travelers as loyal guests.
  • Specials & Promotion: Create Specials, Package Deals and other promotions right from your Rezfusion eCommerce platform. Quickly and easily create and manage specials across one property, or any number of properties based on amenity, location, or manual.
  • Landing Pages: Built for content marketers and SEO gurus, our Property Groupings allows you to easily create a rich content page and associate your properties to that page through amenities, location, or manual selection. Create stunning golf course property pages, or ocean front content pages
  • Group by Complex: Are units within a complex cluttering up your user search results? Take control and group your units within a complex so search results are easier to use for your guests.
  • Urgency Marketing: With the Urgency Marketing extension in Rezfusion, you can configure your Urgency Marketing alert messaging, inventory triggers, and track your conversions.
  • Easy iCal Feeds: Rezfusion with Easy iCal Feeds allows you to easily manage your property iCal feeds for easy availability management for Airbnb and other distributions using iCal.
  • Matterport 3D Spaces: Looking to add Matterport’s amazing 3D models to your property pages? Rezfusion allows your team to add your Matterport iFrame code snippet to create the immersive experience that will keep your guest on your site and engaged.
  • 3rd Party Reviews: TripAdvisor, Glad, NAVIS, and other 3rd party review features can easily be integrated into your Rezfusion review engine. Show 3rd party, or reviews from your site with ease and even control which reviews are published.
  • 3rd Party Chat: Add online chat so your sales agents can quickly answer questions from guest who would have otherwise moved on. Add another level of customer service to your eCommerce platform with 3rd party chat integration.
  • Cart Alerts: With Tripwatch, your guest will be alerted to changes in availability, price, or even growing interest from other viewers.
  • 24/7 Lead Response: Your 24/7 Sales Agent built to grow direct bookings on your Rezfusion eCommerce platform. Respond to booking leads automatically with direct booking links, including travel dates and rates.
  • Lead Generation: TripWatch provides your marketing team with unmatched lead quality. From travel dates, price ranges, amenities, and more.

We offer 3 tiers of Rezfusion:

  1. Rezfusion CloudPacked with enhanced eCommerce and content marketing tools, Rezfusion Cloud offers industry-leading booking websites with tools to accelerate reservations and revenue. Learn More >
  2. Rezfusion Pro: Take your online business to the next level with Rezfusion Pro websites that include robust search and booking features, comprehensive content marketing tools, plus the addition of complete brand and design services. Learn More >
  3. Rezfusion Custom: Developed for large-scale resort destinations and national hospitality brands, Rezfusion Custom websites provide fully PCI Compliant packaging and total flexibility around products and services. Learn More >

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Channel Management

Create listings and connect your property data seamlessly with Airbnb and

Rezfusion Boost efficiently connects Vacation Rental Managers with two of the world’s largest online travel companies, by integrating the data in your property management software to create compelling listings that are automatically updated & managed. Boost allows for instant bookings that will automatically appear in your reservation software, blocking dates, and preventing double bookings.

How it Works:

  1. Connect: Your Dedicated Implementation Specialist provides easy instructions to connect to your PMS.
  2. Setup: Guided Setup includes customizing your property data with Boost settings designed to fit your distribution strategy.
  3. Deploy: All property data and reservations are now automated!

Features to increase efficiency, retain control of your brand, and drive revenue with advanced tools…

  • Listing Optimization: High quality listings that convert
  • Comprehensive Distribution Tools: Eliminate the need to manually and individually update your listings
  • Exceptional Support: Reliable & continuous support from a dedicated team of distribution experts
  • Guided Onboarding and Training: Dedicated Implementation Specialists who manage the setup process and provide continuous support throughout your project.
  • Advanced Pricing Tools: Advanced tools to support complex pricing structures and tax rates
  • Simple and Fast Setup: Listings are live quickly with no manual data entry

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We tell powerful digital stories that drive online conversions.
  • Brand Strategy & Design: We solve complex problems with beautiful brands and design solutions that engage and convert. We look at every project with a fresh perspective by listening and applying the best digital strategy for you.
  • Web and Mobile Development: At our heart, we are code geeks. The type of developers that make great ideas work, and work well. Our development team is highly experienced and constantly driven to deliver cutting-edge solutions that put our clients ahead of the competition.
  • Integrated Digital Marketing: Great ideas are nothing unless you can put them in front of the target audience. We are a full service digital agency with expertise in all forms of digital marketing from search and social to email and advertising.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Our goal is simple: to drive conversions. We make data-driven decisions day-in and day-out to ensure we are meeting KPI’s and ROIs. Intelligent digital marketing investments start with accurate data that drives proactive planning.

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Not a great experience with them

Not a great experience with them. The sales team will sell you the experience, but the actual deliverance of those items is nonexistent. I spent around 18k for four marketing emails, one template, and one Facebook video. I had to hunt down my account managers to get things done. If I did get an email from my account manager, it was simply what would you like to do for your emails this month? If I am the person coming up with all the ideas each month, what is the point? There were many months of gaps of no marketing and no communication. Overall it was a very time-consuming and frustrating waste of my hard-earned money. This might fit the bill if you like out-of-the-office emails and are hip people who don't do their jobs. I finally let it go, but they never fulfilled their contract with me. They refunded me $800, but that's nothing to the overall cost of 18k.

Awful experience with them

Awful experience with them. Two years later and still no website completed. Their competitors have built 4 different websites for us during that same time period. They have billing you every month down but the actual design part not so much.