Airbnb cleaning, greeting and property management services

Hosting on Airbnb can be an extremely rewarding experience with a score of benefits.  You’re able to meet travellers from every corner of the world and act as the narrator of your city’s story, all while supplementing or replacing your income!

But being an Airbnb host is no walk in the park…and can come with some challenges, especially if you are living outside of the Country or not in the same City as your property.

We are there for you when you cannot be there and will act as both your representative and the guardian of your property.

Airbnb candidly notes that cleaning is one of the more challenging aspects of preparing your listing.

At AZDZ we proudly boast a 100 percent 5 Star success rate from our client’s guests when it comes to the ratings for “Cleanliness” and “Arrival” left by their guests on the site and this is what makes our service special, we will ensure your place is shining for your new guests and they will be met with a smile and treated like they just arrived at a 5 star Hotel.

Airbnb reports that listings with a 5-star cleanliness rating receive 20% more bookings than listings with a rating of 4 or below.

We will go above and beyond to prepare for your guest can truly make their visit memorable.

Should you have any special requests for your guests like leaving them a welcome beer or some fruit or any other perishable item, we can purchase this for your and have it ready prior to your guest’s arrival.

The Airbnb and short term rental market in Manila has exploded in recent years due to over priced hotels and the building of new condominiums throughout the NCR.

Airbnb cleaning services differ from normal home cleaning services. At AZDZ we are staffed and prepared and more than experienced enough to meet the needs of your new guest.

We are a family run business so we put our name to our work and all our staff have been vetted and trained to clean your place to perfection.

Dealing with unexpected phone calls and maintenance issues are the greatest inconveniences with short term rentals. The threat of the middle of the night phone call is often the greatest deterrence for individuals and families looking to invest in long and short term rental properties. But we will provide around the clock maintenance and housekeeping support direct to your guests.

Furthermore, if your guests are locked out in the middle of the night or have lost their keys, they can reach our on call team and we will be there shortly to let them in.

Whether it’s a stopped-up toilet or burst hot water heater, accidents happen and someone needs to be prepared to help mitigate damage and interruption for your guests.   We can be your guests first point of contact for issues and we currently do and have done so many times in the past troubleshoot small issues for your guests should they have any.

The cleaners will be on the lookout for any damage which may have occurred whilst your guest was/is at your property.   If we find anything that is damaged or we notice something missing, we will take pictures and send this to you as evidence to allow you to take it up with your guest.  Our Housekeepers will also notify you if you’re running low on certain supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.)