Simple tools to automate your management, make your reservations grow and save time and money

The all-in-one solution for your business.

Channel Manager

All your adverts managed from one place. Save lots of time, avoid unproductive inquiries and put an end to overbooking.

It updates your availability and your rates automatically and manages your payment collections, our Channel Manager has been specially designed for the vacation rental market.

  • Automatic synchronisation with the leading portals: Fast and safe Integrations with the leading vacation rental sites. So you keep your calendars and rates always bidirectional updating automatically synchronized, without any effort.
  • Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia and HomeAway, with AvaiBook: AvaiBook is official partner of the leading holiday rental portals worldwide with connections API/XML of the highest quality with all of them, in which our advanced connection with Airbnb stands out in a special way.
  • Advanced rates management: Channel’s powerful technology, you may determine different rates for each portal, You may raise the price for one of them, or you can lower it or keep it the same for all your OTAS, it’s all up to you.


Integral management of all your reservations. Have everything under control with our vacation rental booking management in the cloud.

Manage your check-ins, check-outs and cleaning shifts easily. Create different users, send emails automatically, speed up the check-in…In short, optimise your time..

  • Manage your bookings from only one platform: Expiration date automatic management. If a reservation is not confirmed within a specific time limit, the reservation will be cancelled, the dates will be available again and the traveller will be notified.
  • Speed up and automate the check-in of your travellers: Our new Fast Check-in tool allows you to check in your travellers in an advance and automatic way, the traveller’s digital signature (without the need to print anything) and automatically send the the entry parts to the relevant authorities.
  • Different access levels: You can create different accounts for owners or staff, ones would update calendar others would check bookings, so each person in your team can work on different business areas (calendars, booking, accounting…)

Booking Engine

Multiply your sales quickly. Receiving online bookings from your website and from the portals where you advertise.

The only booking engine specially designed for vacation rental accommodations, with integrated payment gateways and compatible with manual booking or other booking methods. Work safely with our powerful booking engine.

  • 100% secure payment gateways: Our solution includes the safest and most commonly used payment gateways. You are the one to determine the prepayment and further payment collections and our engine takes care of validating the card details and collect the payments. Moreover, it sends notifications to travellers, owners and to you as a manager.
  • Safety, security and reliability: AvaiBook acts as a “trusted third party”, by collecting the prepayments and ensuring the cancellation policy compliance, and handling the process in case of a cancellation, which makes you look trustworthy to your travellers.
  • You set automatic sending rules for emails and sms: You may create 100% customisable templates with different messages you want to send with automatic send parameters.. You can use it to communicate with travelers, employees, agencies, cleaning companies …

Online Payments

Own solution of online payments for vacation rentals. You won’t believe how calm you will feel, just let customers come to you.

Our own gateway for online payments, 100% secure, PCI. Automated, adaptable to the policy of collections of all your reservations and without the need to hire another additional service.

  • Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and virtual cards:
    Online payment processing tool for rentals that accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, China Union Pay and even virtual cards. Make collections, pre-authorizations and returns on all your reservations, without having to contract this service with another company.
  • Card data automatically verified:As soon as you receive a reservation the traveller’s card data are validated, we will check if they are correct and if there is enough balance in the account. This way, you will have all the information right away.
  • 100% safe environment, PCI Compliance: We offer 100% safety, fulfilling all applicable previsions, since the traveller’s data are stored encrypted in a PCI Compliance environment.

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AvaiBook prefessional & respectable team

AvaiBook team is very respectable and professional. I had a fraud e-payment issue and I contacted the customer service team, specifically "Maria" and I really surprised of how professional and responsive she was. She understood the case very well with minimum details, she could track the source of the issue and helped me to get fully refunded. Although I was not regular customer, but she helped resolving my issue as if it is her own issue. Very quick response, giving me continues feedback in case of any updates and she doesn't let me go until the issue has been fully resolved and ensure customer satisfaction. A big thanks to Maria and all AvaiBook team members. Ayman

AvaiBook works very well for us

I've been working with other CM and I'm very happy with AvaiBook now, it's easy and complete. It has the tools that I need to work with my clients and staff plus everything I need to deal with the bookings on a daily basis.