Your Smart Home starts at the front door

Give Access, Not Keys

Give keyless entry to family, friends, housekeepers and others without worrying about lost or copied keys. Control and monitor your door from anywhere.

Be Sure It’s Locked

Only August comes with DoorSense™ and Auto-Lock technologies, so that you’ll know your door is both closed and locked.

Our Best Features at a Glance

  • Control Access: Lock, unlock and monitor your door from anywhere.
  • Locks As You Leave: Locks automatically as you leave. Never worry if your door is locked again.
  • Unlocks As You Arrive: Auto-Unlock detects your arrival and unlocks the door automatically.

August’s Approach to Smart Locks

  • Easy Setup: August Smart Lock retrofits to your existing deadbolt in around 10 minutes. It just works.
  • Remote Control For Your Door: August’s locks can be controlled and monitored remotely with Connect or Doorbell Cam.
  • Know When Your Door is Closed: August Smart Locks equipped with DoorSense™ know when your door is closed and locked.
  • Always Improving: August designs its hardware and software to work together from the ground up.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your August Home product, you can return it for a full refund.

Battery Life is SHORT

Battery Life is SHORT! With a fresh set of batteries in the lock, we left for a 4 week vacation...and we started receiving emails warning us the batteries were critically low within 10 days. A - the batteries are expensive, and B - the battery life is not even close to long-enough for a functional lock system on a frequently visited location.

Substandard Connect bridge

My August connect bridge died in 18 months.The August customer care first blamed the wifi and then suggested steps to ignore their own troubleshooting steps on the website. I sent them 3 videos painstakingly documenting each step to show that the bridge is malfunctioning; when they finally accepted that it was malfunctioning, they informed me that it is not covered under warranty and instead offered a 20% discount to buy from their website. if you do a google search it will bring up innumerable customer complaints, where the connect bridge is dying within 15-18 months, and August support then offers a 20% discount so that customers keep buying their substandard connect bridge. August knows that this is a sub-standard product and it is shame that they have no qualms about ripping off customers. I will not wish this product on anyone. A door lock needs to be reliable and something you can depend on for a long time. August has proven with connect bridge that it is only here to take your money, and make a run for it.