Architectural floor plans for your Airbnb listings

Why Use Archibnb?

  • Make your Airbnb page more competitive
  • Receive less questions about room privacy and layout
  • Attract more potential guests with longer page engagement
  • Avoid guests that would otherwise have false expectations and leave bad reviews
  • Highlight the property’s best features on plan


One-bedroom apartment in Berlin, Germany: This cozy apartment in Berlin has an almost perfect layout and the host wanted to showcase it along with some features that are important to guests.

Private room in Austin, TX, USA: What better way to illustrate the scope of the private and shared rooms? The host is very happy with the result and since then hasn’t had any questions about the privacy of the rooms.

Spacious apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria: This spacious apartment in Sofia has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The client wanted to showcase the privacy of the bathrooms, which was a frequent question from guests, as well as the fact there is original Vitra furniture throughout the living room. Guests can also get an idea of the size of the apartment as well as the available equipment and furniture like the baby cradle.

Your Sketch

Before (or after) you place an order, you will need to prepare a handmade sketch of the property.
In case you have any kind of architectural drawings – you can send us those instead.

Whatever base you can provide – we will translate it into professional architectural language.

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