Apartment Keeper

Spotless cleaning, key delivery and linen service in Copenhagen

As an increasing number of Copenhageners see the benefits of the »sharing economy« and start renting out their homes in Copenhagen short and long term, a demand for related services arise when people leave their apartments in the hands of visiting tourists. Apartment Keeper can help you with the practicalities of renting out your place.

ApartmentKeeper is a part of the ApartmentinCopenhagen family. ApartmentinCopenhagen consists of three elements – the rental platformthe cleaning company and now ApartmentKeeper.

In ApartmentinCopenhagen we have more than 5 years of experience renting out private apartments in Copenhagen – so we can assure you that we know what we are doing.

All our employees are on the permanent staff of ApartmentinCopenhagen and have extensive experience dealing with tourists and business travellers alike. We screen all new employees before hiring and all our employees, of course, all have a police clearance certificate.

Key Delivery

With our key delivery service, we make it easy for you to rent out your apartment while you are on holiday. Book a key delivery and we will meet your guests at the apartment, so you do not even have to be in Copenhagen to make money on your empty home.

  • Make money on your apartment, while you are on vacation
  • You can have several bookings during a period, where you are unable to meet your guests yourself
  • Easy booking – book us for the arrival date and we take care of the rest.


We are very proud to provide you with the best cleaning in Copenhagen. Our staff is continuously trained, so that you can rest assured that your apartment is in the best hands. Our staff pay close attention to the small details, so your home is inviting and welcoming for the next arrival or for your return. We care about the world we live in and we strive to use only eco friendly cleaning products and we transport ourselves around the city using climate friendly electric bikes.

  • Spotless cleaning. Every time
  • We use allergy and eco friendly cleaning products
  • We minimize our CO2 emissions by using only electric cargo bikes
  • Book your cleaning on a date that suits you


As an addition to our cleaning service, we can also provide fresh bed linen, sheets, towels, tea towels and dishwasher tabs. This service is very useful if you are renting out your apartment for extended periods and you are not able to come home between bookings to change and wash linen.

  • Provide your guests with fresh linen, without having to clean anything yourself
  • Have multiple bookings without even being in Denmark
  • All our linen and products are allergy friendly

House Calls

What do you do if you are renting out your apartment and an emergency arises for your guests? For instance if your guests experience trouble with the television, the internet breaks down or perhaps even if a water pipe bursts?

When renting out an apartment in Copenhagen to tourists from all over the globe and a situation like this arises, the guests do not often have a way of knowing how to handle the problem. In case you are on holiday on the other side of the planet, you are probably not able to swing by the apartment and give a hand.

If you rent out your apartment for extended periods, our house call service is an excellent choice for you. We are able to pay a visit to your guests and if the problem is beyond our ability, we can call for external assistance.

  • Be sure that your guests know who to contact in case of emergencies
  • If we cannot help, we will call a professional services

Full Service Package

If you want what we like to call the full service package for rental hosts in Copenhagen, this is also possible.

Sign up your apartment on our very own rental platform Apartment in Copenhagen, which enables us to service your property for a single fee. We will take care of photographing your apartment, making the rental description, marketing and advertising, inquiries from guests, bookings, meeting the guests at the property, house calls as well as cleaning. The only thing you need to do is to make sure your apartment is clean and ready for the first guests and to make sure that your calendar is up-to-date, so we know when you need the apartment yourself.

  • Leave all the trouble of renting out to us
  • Get money directly on your account every month

Areas Serviced:

  • City Centre
  • Christianshavn
  • Frederiksberg
  • Østerbro
  • Vesterbro
  • Nørrebro
  • Islands Brygge
  • Amager
  • Ørestaden
  • Hellerup
  • Valby

Apartment Owners, Beware!

Apartment keeper is the cleaning agency created by apartmentincopenhagen.com to filter money through for cleaning services. They are by no means upkeeping the apts. They do not have the eye for what a proper clean is, and your will see that when you stay at one of their apartments. They will leave your apartment in dilapidation just as they left the one at 72 Kogenstoregarde, which after my review of the condition of the apt, has disappeared from AIC website. John Hansen has stated that the apartment was removed from their portfolio. It's interesting that this happened within one month after my one star review. Owner beware! This could become your apt/home too!! Here is a list of the problems mentioned in our complaint to AIC. We only received enough sheets and towels for 2 of the three rooms. There are 6 people staying.> Here is what we are missing.. Please deliver between 4:30-5:30 pm Monday. 2 large towels.> 2 duvet covers> 2pillow covers > A note on condition of the apt. > The shade in one of the rooms is crooked and coming off the rod, it really > should be fixed or replaced. > One of the duvet covers seems to have some violet staining. > There are several coat hooks hanging off the wall. > Door handle to the toilet door is falling off, as well as the toilet roll > holder. > The handle to the front door of the apt's screws have been removed. > > Bottom line: it feels a bit dilapidated in here. Better care needs to be > taken, and these minor fixes done to uphold the apt's prestige.” > We are sleeping in beds and duvets that are full of dust. Every morning we > both wake up with a layer of dust and swollen itchy face and eyes. > Some pillows are lumpy and all lack any substance. > The shower head is covered in mildew. > The shower curtain is brown and needed cleaning or replacement a long time > ago. > The window in the bathroom does not have proper length blinds, giving the > neighbors peekaboo moments to anyone showering (but funny the other > bedrooms have full length blinds) > The walls are scuffed and marked up throughout. > The leather coach is two shades - the back is white and the seat is off > white. The leather coach needs to be cleaned with a leather cleaner. > It is impossible to sleep in the twin bedroom with so much light coming in > from the shops and the shade all twisted around. Same with the other > front room where the light pours in through the blinds. Proper fittiing > blackout shades are necessary. > > So, obviously I have a problem with the 180euro cleaning fee that was > charged us as this place is not well kept or cleaning beyond washing the > linens, sweepng the floors, and wiping down kitchen and bathroom services. > I expect this place to be meticulous and not a dust bowl for 180 cleaning > fee. > > Due to the poor condition of this place, we can barely get any sleep here, > We are severely disappointed. > > I hate to even ask this because we'd like to get out of here as soon as > possible, but would like an 11 am checkout time because we can check into > the cruise ship at 12, and we have elderly people with us. We don't want > to have them standing around, especially since they are not getting a good > nights sleep.