AllTheRooms Analytics

Comprehensive Airbnb and Vacation Rental data

AllTheRooms Analytics is the missing piece to understanding the landscape of theentire accommodations market, not just hotels and traditional lodging. Given our ability to aggregate and catalog every room on the planet, our vacation rental data is sourced from a variety of providers, including Airbnb, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, and VRBO. AllTheRooms is in the unique position of providing the most comprehensive insight into the vacation rental presence in any market.

  • Partners not Vendors: We don’t simply produce reports, we are an extension of your team
  • Flexible and Versatile: Our agile team of data analysts and engineers can provide custom solutions to meet your needs
  • The Enterprise Solution: We are uniquely positioned to serve the corporate institution or municipality

Our Capabilities

Market Overview: Understand the current state of the short-term rental market in any given region on the planet

Historical Trends: Track the short-term rental market going back twelve months with a year-over-year overlay

Overlap Analysis: To fully grasp market share and a true indication of the market size of short-term rentals in any given destination

Property Level Details: Gain information on every short-term rental property in your destination including property type, price and more.

Projected Bookings: We can forecast vacation rental market performance with monthly projections in any country, state, or neighborhood

Event-based Analysis: Assess the impact a specific event has on the short-term rental market and how current trends affect revenues.

Analytics Reports

Gain vacation rental market intelligence. Our baseline report is the Vacation Rental Market Intelligence Report, and is where most of our solutions can be found. This report is an overview on the current state of any vacation rental market – neighborhood, city, county, state or country. It includes a look back to 12-month moving occupancy rates, ADR, RevPAR, supply, demand, and gross revenues. These figures are broken down by property type and bookability. We deliver all of this information as a PDF to provide a complete overview for in-depth analysis.

  • Customized Features: Our analytics solutions reports are flexible and can be tailored for each of our clients. Additional custom features can be added a la carte to subsidize the primary data to your specific needs.The following features are available in addition to the baseline intelligence report.
  • Market Share Analysis: We can breakdown the property listing overlap among top vacation rental providers – Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, and TripAdvisor VR – with incredible accuracy to provide a real indication on the size of the vacation rental market. Our unique Market Share Analysis employs a machine learning algorithm which considers a multi-factor model, including property descriptions, geo codes, and image matching technology, to provide accuracy rates of 95.5%.
  • Geographic Competitive Analysis: Compare the competitive landscape of the vacation rental market among different geographical regions within or outside the larger market. Similar to the Market Analysis section of the baseline report, the Competitive Analysis offers a snapshot of how the private rental market is performing in a surrounding or competitive neighborhood, area or region. The breakdown provides occupancy rates, ADR,RevPAR, supply, demand and gross revenue figures for each neighborhood or region.
  • Projected Bookings: Projected Bookings reports provide a six-month forecast on how the vacation rental market will perform month-by-month. Reports breakdown the occupancy rates, ADRs, RevPAR, supply, demand and gross revenue figures for each month going forward.
  • Detailed Property Listing Information: Detailed property reports provide in-depth access to active and de-active properties to parse through the market on a granular level. Information on each property include: property name, address, neighborhood, property type, lat/long codes, min/max price, URL to property listing, number of bedrooms, guest capacity, average rating, review information and more.
  • Event Analysis: The Event-Analysis report assess the impact a specific event has on the short-term rental market and how current trends are taking revenue away from the traditional accommodations market during these key events. These reports breakdown daily performance before, during and after an event and includes a Year over Year performance overlay.

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