Allstate HostAdvantage

Peace of mind for home-sharing hosts

Renting out your home can be a great way to earn extra cash, but hosting temporary guests can also expose you to some unexpected and costly risks. Now with HostAdvantage, Allstate is the first major insurer to offer coverage specially designed to help protect your belongings as a home-sharing host.

Help Keep Your Belongings Out of Harm’s Way

When home sharing, you may encounter situations where your belongings are stolen or damaged by guests. Allstate HostAdvantage can help you avoid those out-of-pocket costs, while giving you the peace of mind and tools to be a successful host.

Help keep your belongings safe from theft:

  • You come home to find some of your things are missing, and the only people with access were the renters.
  • A thief breaks in and steals your stuff while the renters are staying there.

Protect yourself against personal property damage:

  • Your renter accidentally spills on your rug.
  • Your renter’s children accidentally crack your TV screen.

Add HostAdvantage to a Home Policy

As a home-sharing host, you hope renters will treat your space with as much care as you do. Allstate HostAdvantage can help you replace your stuff in case your experience doesn’t go as planned. For as little as $50 per year, you can help protect your belongings by adding HostAdvantage to your House & Home policy.

Help Protect Yourself From Unpredictable Guests

Even the most charming guests can be unpredictable. Get a glimpse into some of the risks you may face as a home-sharing host, and how HostAdvantage can help:


To my Face Book Family here in the USA…

To my Face Book Family here in the USA 🇺🇸 I would like to make a Public Service Announcement 📣 With a plethora of Auto / Home Insurance companies at our disposal, it is very important to read the fine print when you sign onto an Insurance Company . All State Insurance was not only over charging Loyal Customers like myself for over two decades , 3 times more what other Insurance Companies were charging it’s customers, their Catastrophe Team decided to deny a legitimate claim made by me . The funny thing is this , all the Catastrophe Team members who worked on my claim got a vacation because they denied my claim . I was sadly made aware by someone in their own office that the All State Insurance Company policy for it’s Team Members is— Deny Claims and the more client claims the employees deny the more Bonuses and Perks the employees receive !! Way to go All State Insurance👏 People DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY On this Company 🥲 You are definitely not in good hands with All State 🙌 So mozeey on over to State Farm, Progressive, Travelers, Geico etc. etc David Howard , Cody Smith and Josh Epting of The All State Catastrophe Team , enjoy your Vacation @ The Sandals Bahamas 🩴with your families , on my highly inflated premiums . Cheers Y’all🥂 🥘 🍻 All State Insurance Takes the Golden Raspberry Award for the worst In the Insurance Industry 👎🏾

Forced me to spend thousands, then refused to payback

This is the worst insurance company I've ever dealt with. My car was hit April 18. They didn't respond to the auto repair center to BEGIN repairs until May 19. And then didn't send me the reimbursement check for my rental until June 21. That is entirely too long to take for any of those steps, and there was no communication, no explanation as to why it was taking so long. I would call, leave messages, and get nothing back. Because they were so tardy, I had to keep extending my rental contract out week after week until the bill totaled nearly $4000 (which I had to pay out of pocket because their company doesn't contract with rental agencies, instead the reimburse you which is foolish because not everyone has the necessary funds for costs like that up front) but then learned they were only going to pay a little over $1800, less than half of the reimbursement! I tried to fight them but they kept saying no, they were not responsible. Their client hit me and they as an insurance company made a promise to cover the damages caused by their client. That's what an insurance company is supposed to do. I never would have had to spend that much if they hadn't dragged their feet. It's almost negligence at this point. To top it off, they sent the letter with the reimbursement check, but not the check itself. I had to call their corporate office to get it direct deposited to me. 1.Incompetence 2. Slow 3. Poor communication 4. No contracts for verification, just word of mouth 5.Forced reimbursement policy 6. Lack of full payment And it wasn't even the fault of only one individual. The main agent I worked with took an extended amount of time off and forwarded all his calls to a different agent, who was also gone and forwarded all her calls to a different agent, whose voicemail said he was not taking anymore calls. And the manager I spoke with was no help in resolving this. And then the person who forgot to put the check in the envelope. It's the whole company. The only reason I give them 2 stars instead of 0 is because my car actually got fixed. But this was a headache I would not wish on anyone.

Some Uber driver crashed into me and…

Some Uber driver crashed into me and despite the camera footage, despite the witness statements, they still held ME liable for the incident. The Uber driver lied and said he had a child passenger in the car who was severely injured and they charged me an obscene fortune. The only reason they backed off was because I found an attorney who called them and threatened to sue. How can someone do that to their customers? Its so immoral throwing your client into the flames like that.