Allstate HostAdvantage

Peace of mind for home-sharing hosts

Renting out your home can be a great way to earn extra cash, but hosting temporary guests can also expose you to some unexpected and costly risks. Now with HostAdvantage, Allstate is the first major insurer to offer coverage specially designed to help protect your belongings as a home-sharing host.

Help Keep Your Belongings Out of Harm’s Way

When home sharing, you may encounter situations where your belongings are stolen or damaged by guests. Allstate HostAdvantage can help you avoid those out-of-pocket costs, while giving you the peace of mind and tools to be a successful host.

Help keep your belongings safe from theft:

  • You come home to find some of your things are missing, and the only people with access were the renters.
  • A thief breaks in and steals your stuff while the renters are staying there.

Protect yourself against personal property damage:

  • Your renter accidentally spills on your rug.
  • Your renter’s children accidentally crack your TV screen.

Add HostAdvantage to a Home Policy

As a home-sharing host, you hope renters will treat your space with as much care as you do. Allstate HostAdvantage can help you replace your stuff in case your experience doesn’t go as planned. For as little as $50 per year, you can help protect your belongings by adding HostAdvantage to your House & Home policy.

Help Protect Yourself From Unpredictable Guests

Even the most charming guests can be unpredictable. Get a glimpse into some of the risks you may face as a home-sharing host, and how HostAdvantage can help:


Just spoke with Carole on the…

Just spoke with Carole on the escalations team, she refused to help, refused to admit fault, and refused to get me to their manager Stuart either. I spoke with another manager yesterday who refused to help even though the payment went through on the wrong day and I had canceled auto pay. They have cause me 70 in overdraft and they refuse to help or even try to stop the payment all cause I didn't screen shot the rep I talked to on their site During the call Carole advised its not in their policy to require that, and even refused a 20 dollar credit for me to put towards the 70 dollars in fees they have caused due to this overdraft. Literally the least they could have done and they even try. This is the first issue I've ever had with them and I'm so disappointed.....honestly just sad

They refuse to help after I canceled…

They refuse to help after I canceled auto pay, and manager says I have no proof. Which I got successful confirmation that auto pay was canceled and their online rep said they'd make a note I would pay on the 15th. It was all fine. But on 1/12 they auto charged me and over drafted me. Been on hold for 4 hours and I keep getting transferred. Manager.keeps lying. They refuse and wow great insurance but they do not help ever.

Just give them lots of money

We switched to Allstate for car insurance since a friend worked there and assured me they were the best. They were a little more expensive but we felt it was worth it. the following year on renewal our policies were hiked by several hundred dollars and we were told "all companies had to increase their rates this way". We couldn't switch companies again within one year as it raises your rates dramatically, so we stayed and payed. We had invested in a dash camera which turned out great as we were hit by a flying construction level on the highway (no-fault comprehensive) and then a month later rear ended stopping for traffic at a yield sign merging on a bridge. We were told explicitly that our insurance would not be affected because these were clear no fault accidents with video evidence. Our renewal policy jumped 20% higher! No way. I called them and they confirmed MY rates went up because OTHER people damaged my car. The agent was in the process of repeating that ignorant excuse when I was cut off and sent to their survey to tell them if I was helped or not. Goodbye Allstate. They get two stars because they did cover my vehicle both times but maybe it's the dashcam that forced them to help me.