Allstate HostAdvantage

Peace of mind for home-sharing hosts

Renting out your home can be a great way to earn extra cash, but hosting temporary guests can also expose you to some unexpected and costly risks. Now with HostAdvantage, Allstate is the first major insurer to offer coverage specially designed to help protect your belongings as a home-sharing host.

Help Keep Your Belongings Out of Harm’s Way

When home sharing, you may encounter situations where your belongings are stolen or damaged by guests. Allstate HostAdvantage can help you avoid those out-of-pocket costs, while giving you the peace of mind and tools to be a successful host.

Help keep your belongings safe from theft:

  • You come home to find some of your things are missing, and the only people with access were the renters.
  • A thief breaks in and steals your stuff while the renters are staying there.

Protect yourself against personal property damage:

  • Your renter accidentally spills on your rug.
  • Your renter’s children accidentally crack your TV screen.

Add HostAdvantage to a Home Policy

As a home-sharing host, you hope renters will treat your space with as much care as you do. Allstate HostAdvantage can help you replace your stuff in case your experience doesn’t go as planned. For as little as $50 per year, you can help protect your belongings by adding HostAdvantage to your House & Home policy.

Help Protect Yourself From Unpredictable Guests

Even the most charming guests can be unpredictable. Get a glimpse into some of the risks you may face as a home-sharing host, and how HostAdvantage can help:


Worst company ever…

One of the worst companies in southwest Florida. I’ve had auto insurance for 55 years and have never dealt with such a crooked company. Recently divorced and my X Completely removed his vehicle and name from the policy. I was the policy Sole owner with only one vehicle registered to my Florida home. Since I drive very few miles, I found a better quote from another company and decided to cancel the Allstate policy. Instead of sending the refund to the address on file and the owner of the vehicle insured, they issued a check to my Xhusband who no longer had anything to do with the policy. If you forfeit your policy, and remove your vehicle from this policy, you have no right to a refund. I am currently filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as this practice should be illegal. I do not recommend this company at all. Beware! ***. Not even accredited with the BBB.

Waste of money

I had Allstate house insurance for 7 years and I was paying $155 a month and had my house covered for everything. My roof started leaking from a wind and rain storm and they wouldn’t help us at all pay for a new roof! And I had my kids living in the house. My husband and I were so mad! And there excuse was that the roof was installed incorrectly. Really? Then why did you approve me for the insurance?? What a waste of money!

claim# 0653-437129

claim# 0653-437129 Tiffani Sanders who is supposedly handling my claim against your insured has been totaly unhelpful in handling this claim. She has refused to call in a reservation for my car rental and still refuses to do so. Accident happened on 22nd of december and adjuster has still not been sent out after many calls to her. It is the responsibility of allstate to call in a rental reservation when their insured is at fault . I was forced to pay a 20% fee because of the reservatio0n not being called in by Allstate. I am tired attempting to call this in and will now file a complaint with the Insurance Commisioner and will now hire attorney to handle this . Absolutlye the worst Insurance Co to deal with..