Airbnb linen hire, cleaning and toiletries

Airlinen provides all in one host solutions of linen hire, professional cleaning and luxury toiletries to Airbnbs, Shortlet and Serviced Apartments in London, Oxford and Brighton.

If you haven’t had time to wash your linen, buy shampoo or simply clean the mirrors in the bathroom in time for the arrival of your guests; you can book online or over the phone with Airlinen and our drivers will deliver to you in 90 minute time slots, seven days a week. Even if you have left it until last minute, our system accepts last minute bookings on the actual day too.

If you are in need of linen rental for a last minute guest, our drivers carry spare linen in case of emergencies, to support you as best as we can.

Our Airbnb linen rental consists of high premium quality white linen, professional cleaners who are properly trained and experienced to a hotel standard to ensure quality control and luxury toiletries to satisfy your guests.

Airlinen works hard to ensure customer satisfaction so you can constantly keep in touch with our team throughout the week and will also receive a notification which allows you to track your driver and be aware of the status of your delivery. You are never left in the dark with Airlinen!

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Will change your business for the better!

We have been using airlinen for 6 months now, starting during the pandemic and now when we have grown to 20 units. They are amazin. flexible with delivery’s, customer service are very quick and attentive to our queries. We had 1 spoiled linen in The entire time and that was very quickly rectified for us. Honestly this company makes our serviced accommodation business much more efficient!