Airbnb linen hire, cleaning and toiletries

Airlinen provides all in one host solutions of linen hire, professional cleaning and luxury toiletries to Airbnbs, Shortlet and Serviced Apartments in London, Oxford and Brighton.

If you haven’t had time to wash your linen, buy shampoo or simply clean the mirrors in the bathroom in time for the arrival of your guests; you can book online or over the phone with Airlinen and our drivers will deliver to you in 90 minute time slots, seven days a week. Even if you have left it until last minute, our system accepts last minute bookings on the actual day too.

If you are in need of linen rental for a last minute guest, our drivers carry spare linen in case of emergencies, to support you as best as we can.

Our Airbnb linen rental consists of high premium quality white linen, professional cleaners who are properly trained and experienced to a hotel standard to ensure quality control and luxury toiletries to satisfy your guests.

Airlinen works hard to ensure customer satisfaction so you can constantly keep in touch with our team throughout the week and will also receive a notification which allows you to track your driver and be aware of the status of your delivery. You are never left in the dark with Airlinen!

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I have been using Airlinen for a year…

I have been using Airlinen for a year now and this weekend had a situation and I can not praise the company enough. The professionalism and swiftness in dealing with the issue was incredible. The fact that after the issue had been rectified I had a follow up call making sure everything was ok. 100% I would recommend this company and would like to take this opportunity to thank Shaz for his incredible understanding and professionalism.

Wildly bad

I recently tried to use the linen services. I ordered a linen pack and I provided key pick up details. My understanding was Airlinen would pick up the keys, deliver the linen to the apartment and put it on the bed. The driver did not pick up the keys, instead left the linen outside the door of the apartment, without contacting me to ask/advise they had done so.  I contacted AirLinen who advised it was a mistake: the driver should not have left the linen unattended without asking permission. I went to the apartment to put the linen on the bed myself (by this time, the next morning). The linen I received was missing multiple items, stained, and the worst quality linen I have ever seen. I advised Airlinen that the linen and service was unusable, to pick it up and issue a refund, at 11am. I was advised the pick up would not be until 12.45. I had to reschedule my whole day to accommodate waiting for the driver to pick up the linen, because I was told I was going to be charged if I left it unattended (although it had been left unattended by the Airlinen driver all night and the pick up was required because it was unusable). I was informed a refund would be issued once the linen was picked up by the driver. The driver was also delayed, arriving at 13.20. I informed Airlinen immediately after the linen had been picked up from the driver. After 3 days I am still awaiting the refund, after chasing multiple times. The entire process was full of issues and errors. I had to spend much more time and money rectifying the situation as I had to source linen extremely last minute. If a guest was checking in the day after the linen was supposed to arrive it would have been a disaster. When I ask is the refund has been processed Airlinen refers me between different departments.