Become a successful Airbnb host overnight

My name is Dany Papineau and I’m an actor / filmmaker based in Montreal, Canada. A few years ago, I found myself on the verge of bankruptcy after self-producing my feature film 2 Frogs in the West. My home was for sale when I first started to list it on Airbnb and since then, I’ve generated a multiple six figure income via this website.

Airbnb changed my life in a way I’ve never expected and I’ve become really passionate about sharing all I’ve learned on my journey to empower other Airbnb Hosts. My belief in helping you learn is simple: Be truthful, work hard, and share my Airbnb knowledge to help other Hosts become successful on Airbnb “overnight”. That’s what I’m all about, and that’s what AirbnbSecrets is all about.

Having worked in the film industry for about 20 years, my film-making experience has helped me to create a unique step-by-step online course that will teach you all the Airbnb strategies I’ve used to generate more then half a million dollars on this platform while getting hundreds of positive reviews from my Guests.

I also share a lot of Airbnb tips via my blog so make sure to subscribe to my email list to receive free up-to-date information that will help you succeed as an Airbnb Host. I hope you find as much value in AirbnbSecrets as others have.

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