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No matter what kind of home or room you have to share, Airbnb makes it simple and secure to host travellers. You’re in full control of your availability, prices, house rules, and how you interact with guests.

To keep you, your home, and your belongings safe, we cover every booking with $1M USD in property damage protection and another $1M USD in insurance against accidents.

Airbnb always requires guests to provide certain information before they can make a reservation—such as a confirmed phone number and email address. For added control, you can require guests to also provide recommendations from other hosts and a verified ID.

Hosting in 3 Steps

  1. List your space for free: Share any space without sign-up charges, from a shared living room to a second home and everything in-between.
  2. Decide how you want to host: Choose your own schedule, prices, and requirements for guests. We’re there to help along the way.
  3. Welcome your first guest: Once your listing is live, qualified guests can reach out. You can message them with any questions before their stay.

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Illegal Airbnb Listing

Good Afternoon, I work for Guardian Property Management Inc in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. We have a tenant who rented a two bedroom condominium apartment for himself on a one year lease. The condominium management company and board of directors brought it to our attention that our tenant does not live in the unit but immediately started advertising the unit on VRBO and Airbnb. We contacted VRBO and explained to the company that our tenant does not have the owners permission to rent out his unit. We also explained that this activity goes against the condominium rules and regulations which the tenant has signed. VRBO promptly removed the listing. We then approached Airbnb and received the response that they cannot take down the listing. Only the host can take down the listing. I am writing this review in hopes that Airbnb will change their policy to prevent Illegal Airbnb Listings. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. Joanne

A series of incompetent and unacceptable behaviours

When I had to postpone my stay in Dubai for work related matters a couple of weeks ago, I would have never thought that I was going to encounter this series of bad behaviours leading to lose so much money and time ( and mind too!!) . 1. A host only interested to make money Instead of canceling, I kindly asked the hostess if I can postpone my 10 days booking to another time in order for both of us not to lose money. Which she refused saying: "I don't want to lose money". It seems that she didn't understand my point. Anyway. It's her right to do so. 2. A misleading communication by Airbnb and lies : It was said on the app and on my booking confirmation email: refund of 50% possible on that day before 3pm. It was 1pm and reading the refusal of the hostess, I decided to cancel, thinking to have the time to do so when suddenly text had changed on the app: cancellation possible with no refund. Not understanding why, I called the french customer service number. The french lady canceled for me confirming that I will get my 50% refund. No problems. The story could have easily stopped here and I wouldn't have written this review... Until I get the message that only the cleaning fees will be reimbursed (30€). 3. A series of incompetent Airbnb employees: Needing clarification on this, I sent a message to the American customer service as I speak English (as you can see). A lady tried to help me - or seemed so - sending me multiple messages during 2 weeks after having me told that I couldn't get the 50% refund as my cancellation was done after 3pm. Which it was obviously not. At least in France. But of course when one reads the cancellation policy; written in small on a downloadable pdf; 3pm was referring to the time of the rental place; which was for me 2 hours ahead. But who reads the small stuff when one is in a hurry to make work arrangements?! I sent her several screen shots to prove that their communication is misleading and I was hoping for a commercial gesture. Maybe fed up by my case and tenacity, she handed me over another colleague who simply told me to off as " everybody knows that the cancellation time is related to the time of the rental place" and closed my case. Without any apologies and worse as if I was stupid and a liar. 4. An inappropriate behaviour and another incompetent Airbnb "Ambassador": After having reopened myself my case as I still think I am in my rights and Airbnb stole my money, another employee called me. I repeated for the 10th time my story to be told: "my manager will contact you with a solution but I will do my best as I checked your profile and you are beautiful". It's maybe a compliment but I cannot accept it in this context. NOT AT ALL. Then his manager sent me a message; introducing herself as an "Airbnb Ambassador" and believe me, she was really one, shining with a total incompetence and lack of intelligence, giving me this answer: "you cannot get a refund but as you made 2 payments the second won't be deducted"...which is completely out of subject as the whole amount has already been paid. What can I say now? Is my English not understandable enough? They cannot read? They are stupid? Or they don't bother? In any case THEY STOLE MY MONEY. And as a result they lost a customer.