Rent out your house, apartment or room

No matter what kind of home or room you have to share, Airbnb makes it simple and secure to host travellers. You’re in full control of your availability, prices, house rules, and how you interact with guests.

To keep you, your home, and your belongings safe, we cover every booking with $1M USD in property damage protection and another $1M USD in insurance against accidents.

Airbnb always requires guests to provide certain information before they can make a reservation—such as a confirmed phone number and email address. For added control, you can require guests to also provide recommendations from other hosts and a verified ID.

Hosting in 3 Steps

  1. List your space for free: Share any space without sign-up charges, from a shared living room to a second home and everything in-between.
  2. Decide how you want to host: Choose your own schedule, prices, and requirements for guests. We’re there to help along the way.
  3. Welcome your first guest: Once your listing is live, qualified guests can reach out. You can message them with any questions before their stay.

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Shocking customer service

Shocking customer service. I cancelled 4 nights of a stay due to issues out of my control. The host requested a refund. After lots of emails and phone conversation air B and B finally admitted they had refunded 3 nights instead of 4. Fortunately I did not review my host as in fairness she tried to sort the situation They just make things up. They said I had been refunded for 5 nights! Quote policy after policy. Don’t listen. They refuse to give me my fee back! I have a couple more trips booked but won’t be using them again on principal.

AIRBNB stole my money

I booked apartment, then host redirected me to 3rd party registration form, then to get access code next step required installation of 3rd party app.Because I didn't get the access code I message host few hours in advance. The host did not reply within 1h despite AIRBNB policy that host must reply within 1h. I had to book therefore another apartment. I asked host to cancel my booking, but no reply. Then I disputed with AIRBNB. However AIRBNB claims all is fine as host states you have to use host's booking flow. There is nowhere information what host rules are nor any link. If you have entered contract with AIRBNB and host's rules are not disclosed AIRBNB is fine with this and you will lose your money. I have lost $200. Host have never replied to my cancelation nor AIRBNB recognised there is no way to see host rules before entering rental agreement. I learned that it is common practise by AIRBNB to facilitating this kind of fraud. Unfortunately for me it was too late. Just dont use AIRBNB!

Do not use this platform!

Do not use this platform! Either Airbnb or the host cancelled our two week summer reservation less than two weeks before our start date~neither claims responsibility and both blame each other. Our plans were ruined, we had several out of town family members who lost more money due to travel rescheduling because of their screw up. Although we received a full refund, we still lost additional monies due to the cancellation not to to mention the vacation we planned in February was ruined. Their communication is horrid and they go out of their way to avoid responsibility or offer any equitable resolution. Stay Away! There are much better reliable and honest platforms!