Accent Amenities

Luxury guest toiletries

Help your guests escape the ordinary by placing beautifully designed and packaged hotel toiletries in your guest rooms and vacation rentals. From hotel soaps and shampoo to makeup remover wipes, guest slippers, and loofah sponges, we can help you add a touch of luxury to your guests’ experience.

We created Accent Amenities to meet the needs of specialty brand hotel chains as well as independently owned boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, and vacation rentals. Choose from a wide selection of spa-grade guest amenities that are sure to impress your guests.

Smaller hospitality properties appreciate that we repackage our collections into smaller quantities to make it simple to buy from Accent Amenities. If you need vacation rental guest amenities, we can help you through the product selection with knowledgeable, friendly customer service.

Additional vacation rental amenities offered by Accent Amenities include a wide range of personal care products: mouthwash, deodorant, shave cream, ear plugs, loofah sponges, makeup remover wipes, and more. Supplying makeup remover wipes are especially important for vacation rentals because these types of properties often have brand-name linens and towels.

Our no minimum order requirements are an economical solution for smaller hotels, B&Bs, and vacation rentals.