Prep your place

We know you’re a great host. And we know you’re always restocking the items your guests need most. We’re here to help.

With aBundle, you don’t have to make three stops or sort through thousands of products. We’ve gathered the essentials and put them in one place. That saves you money, and leaves you more time to focus on other priorities that boost your guest reviews.

From sheets to shampoo, we’ve got it. We also offer product kits, like a smart set of kitchen tools. You can even build your own kits. Thanks to our partners at American Hotel Register Company, the premier supplier in hospitality, some items have commercial-strength durability.

aBundle makes your life easier. It’s all about helping you create clean, comfortable spaces that make your guests feel welcome. Turn to us to prep your place, and save aBundle of time, effort and money.

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No reviews yet. Want to share a review? Click here