The home of homes

Our mission at Dunelm is to offer something for everyone, everything for someone. There’s no place like Dunelm!

It all started over 30 years ago on a market stall in Leicester, when Bill and Jean Adderley started a home textiles business offering a wide range of products at affordable prices.

This ethos still rings true today with our fantastic range ofgreat-value homeware products to help you create your stylish dream home.

With over 160 stores across the UK and our fabulous online store, it’s never been easier to get your hands on over 20,000 products to make your house a home.

We’d love you to get in touch with us directly through our Facebook page, we just have a couple of house rules we’d like to share with you to make sure that our Facebook page can be enjoyed by everyone:

Thanks dunelm as despite my efforts…

Thanks dunelm as despite my efforts after being overcharged have completely and utterly ignored my letter sent to your head office, yes it did arrive as I sent recorded delivery. These are a company who treat their customers with complete and utter contempt and you are an absolute disgrace to the way you treat your customers. Here is one that is voting with my wallet and I will never spend another penny with you. Disgusting. In addition to which they also filter reviews in their website not allowing the truth to be revealed there so it’s so good we have an alternative such as trust pilot where the truth can be revealed. I wish the company every success in it’s obvious downward spiral and I will refer everyone back to reviews like this when i happily hear in the future that they have gone to the wall. Goodbye dunelm I hope everyone is finds out the truth and deserts you in exactly the same manner

Good customer service is alive and kicking

I used the click and collect service. Before I went to the checkout to collect my items, I went to look for some fabric. Despite being busy with some curtains, the assistant really could not do enough for me. She quickly measured and packed my fabric and even pointed out some sale items that she thought I would be interested in (I was interested and bought some more goods!) I then mentioned I was off to the checkout for my click and collect items. She offered to have the items ready so I wouldn't be held up at the tills. Now this is really great service.