The home of homes

Our mission at Dunelm is to offer something for everyone, everything for someone. There’s no place like Dunelm!

It all started over 30 years ago on a market stall in Leicester, when Bill and Jean Adderley started a home textiles business offering a wide range of products at affordable prices.

This ethos still rings true today with our fantastic range ofgreat-value homeware products to help you create your stylish dream home.

With over 160 stores across the UK and our fabulous online store, it’s never been easier to get your hands on over 20,000 products to make your house a home.

We’d love you to get in touch with us directly through our Facebook page, we just have a couple of house rules we’d like to share with you to make sure that our Facebook page can be enjoyed by everyone:

Excellent Packaging

Products are always good quality but I have recently bought a number of flatpack items and am particularly impressed with the way the stuff is packaged. No mountains of polystyrene but honeycomb sheets of brown cardboard, all of course recycleable. Well done.

Soiled carpets

2 cabinets delivered upstairs. My brand new carpet in home I’ve just bought covered in dirt, hasn’t vacuumed or cleaned off. Photos immediately sent to dunelm customer services. Have offered no resolution because drivers say they don’t remember a problem. I’ve asked to speak with a customer services manager but barriers mean they won’t allow me to

I am so disappointed with this company

I am so disappointed with this company. I must have spent thousands of pounds over the many years that I have been shopping at Dunelm Mill and they have now totally let me down and left me out of pocket. Living some 25 miles away from the store, I made what I thought was a sensible decision and typed in Dunelm Mill, Beverley into the Google browser for their opening times. The information came up that the store would be closing at 7pm. So, my partner and I decided that we would make a visit. We arrived just before 6pm and parked up in a chargeable car park which is attached to the centre which houses the store. As we arrived at the doors, we were advised that the store had just closed at 6pm. We advised the assistant of the information on their internet page to which she shrugged and said that they were closed. We had no alternative but to go back to the car and pay £2 for parking for 5 minutes. I promptly took a photo which clearly showed the page that stated the store was ‘closing soon at 7pm’ plus a photo of the parking ticket. Both photos show the date ‘Saturday’ and time. I then went onto chat with Dunelm Mill. I was advised by the customer assistant that she was sorry but she would never have taken the Dunelm Mill page to be correct but would have gone further into the website. I pointed out that what she would do is of no relevance to me and that the information should be correct on first touch. Why wouldn’t I have believed it? Does one actually have to go further into the website just in case that page is incorrect and which page do you then trust? I was told to email customer service which I promptly did. The answer was basically the same blaming Google for having the wrong information and stating that they are maybe on a time lapse. What!!!! I cannot believe that this company has so little common sense. Are they really not taking ownership of their own advertising? Should they not be ensuring that their customers are receiving the correct information? Is the onus not on them - not on Google nor the customer to disbelieve and investigate further but on them? What a fiasco with me being out of pocket for the parking fee, 50 miles worth of petrol and mine and my partner’s time - all this just because I wanted to buy new bedding. I have now replied to their email stating that I wish to escalate this as a formal complaint. Hopefully the matter will be resolved amicably otherwise I will be contacting the CEO. I cannot believe that they would treat their customers like this, particularly not in todays economic climate.