The Book Direct movement is starting to gain significant momentum.

Property Owners are beginning to realize the large commissions they're currently paying to intermediary 3rd party sites, as well as the opportunities that exist to promote booking direct with them to maximize profitability.

With all that in mind, Padlifter invited booking-direct expert, Mark Simpson of Boostly to share his words of wisdom with the Padlifter community. In this video, Mark shares some tactics and tips that help you increase your direct bookings.

Mark Simpson is the Founder of Boostly. Mark works with Short Stay Accommodation Owners from all over the world to lower their high commission rates to third parties by showing cost-effective and straightforward tips to boosting their direct bookings.

In the past 18 months, he's helped over 1,000 business owners in the free Facebook Group, The Hospitality Community; and his private training programme, The Boostly Academy. To find out more, head to or find out how you can get on the Book Direct Map at