Airbnb guests are not looking for cookie-cutter accommodation options. They are discerning travelers frequently wanting one-of-a-kind experiences with personalized touches. Great Airbnb hosts go the extra mile and provide additional amenities or value for their guests.

These are often small, inexpensive things such as…

A welcome basket of snacks

Public transport travel card

Chocolates on the pillow

Toiletries or beauty products

Tickets to a local tourist attraction

These little perks go a long way in impressing guests. They greatly increase the likelihood of receiving positive reviews and put credit in the ‘goodwill bank’ for when small things go wrong (which inevitably happens on occasion). They also enhance your home’s desirability by allowing you to mention them on your Airbnb listing and thus provide a differentiating dimension of your place from your competition.

Whilst providing little #Airbnb perks inevitably come at a small cost, they almost always pay for themselves many times over through positive reviews, an increase in bookings and a higher price you can command as a result. Click To Tweet

Keen to provide little touches for big rewards? Find Airbnb home supplies and guest amenities services:

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