The principle rationale for why people choose to list their homes on Airbnb cannot be forgotten when deciding how much to charge for your place. For most Airbnb hosts, this is to make money.

Having an effective pricing strategy that takes full advantage of the financial opportunities afforded by Airbnb is therefore critical to seeing Airbnb as a worthwhile investment of your time and energy.

With so many different ways you’re able to price your place, many hosts often feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to even start. They often feel that they’re missing opportunities to maximize their full earning potential.

Sadly, many of them are right.

When it comes to pricing on #Airbnb, your goal is to find your pricing 'sweet spot' – the amount you’re able to charge that ensures you’re not missing any opportunities by over-charging or under-quoting at any point in time. Click To Tweet

Pricing correctly on Airbnb can be a confusing and overwhelming activity. Yet for the very same reasons, getting your pricing right will position you head-and-shoulders above your competition.

Having an awareness of your competitors’ prices and being familiar with your various pricing options represents the recipe for success for maximizing your Airbnb earning potential.

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