The idea of opening up your home to complete strangers naturally invites a number of legitimate concerns. Hosts will inevitably think about issues to do with safety, security, theft, property damage, cleanliness and lifestyle compatibility.

No opportunity to make a quick buck will justify anything that compromises your safety or security. You’re also unlikely to accept Airbnb guests if you feel there’s a risk of damage to your property or the potential of a personal liability claim being brought against you too.

Despite the pervasiveness of Airbnb, the prevalence of these issues tend to occur with minimal frequency. Long-time hosts inevitably have a story here or there of isolated incidents that murky an otherwise clean slate of positive hosting experiences. But by and large, Airbnb has proven itself to be a safe platform for short-term home renting.

* Defined as claims that are reimbursed via the Airbnb Host Guarantee for more than $1,000

Watch Airbnb Co-Founder, Joe Gebbia, explain how Airbnb has been designed to promote trust:

Prudent hosts implement a range of preventative safeguards that maximize their safety and security to mitigate these risks and concerns:

If you’re excited by the opportunities afforded by Airbnb but still maintain safety and security apprehensions, then take the time to understand these range of measures available to hosts for mitigating whatever concerns you may currently hold.

Luckily, the ball is almost always in the host’s court when it comes to taking charge of the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ of hosting on Airbnb.

We have an entire section dedicated to providing information on Safety, Security and Protecting your Property.

Find safety, security and home automation service providers in your local area:

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